Using Bliotherapy to Increase Your Libido
Erotic literature has existed since man first learned how to convey his thoughts through drawing or writing. One of the most well-known erotic poets was Ovid, who was known for his works that extend through meeting his mistress for the first time, through their tempestuous relationship, and after he... Read more
Fracking for Gas and Coal Seam Gas
We use and consume natural gas, including shale gas and coal seam gas in a variety of ways. We use natural gas in the form of electricity, to cook our meals, heat our homes and aid in major manufacturing industries like plastic, fertilizers and metals and minerals. Although natural... Read more
Cults and Satanism in the World
From ancient times people have been curious about the unknown. It is in the human nature to try finding out explanations for mysterious things or happenings. It is a general truth that everyone believes in something and through that faith they search for reasons why certain things happen. Weather... Read more
A Look Inside Medical Corruption
The medical and healthcare sector is one of the largest in the world, but it is also one of the most plagued with corruption. Corruption denies appropriate and quality health care to patients while giving the corrupt more authority to abuse powers and increase personal gains. Unfortunately, corruption can... Read more
The practice of harvesting organs
Replacement of a diseased organ increases life expectancy and improves overall well-being of many patients with kidney, heart, or liver failure. Although patients with kidney failure can be treated by dialysis, the best solution for them would be getting a new kidney. When having liver, heart and / or... Read more
The Popularity of Webcam Modeling in Russia
“International dating service offers girls a great chance to earn some money,” “Recruitment agency has an interesting well-paid online job for pretty girls and handsome guys,” “Young women and men of typical appearance are required for webcam model positions” – you come across such ads in printed and online... Read more
Marijuana Delivered to Your Doorstep
Navigating through the complex industry of cannabis, more technology companies are arising to proliferate and make profits from this booming industry. Dubbed as the “uber for weed,” a slew of start-ups are now offering apps that provide user-friendly ways of ordering medical marijuana, as simple and as similar to... Read more
How to Reach Simultaneous Orgasm?
First of all, let’s figure out what is simultaneous orgasm, what does it bring to both partners, what are the benefits and drawbacks of simultaneous orgasms, and finally and more importantly: how do you reach simultaneous orgasm? Simultaneous orgasms are mostly considered to be the peak of a sex... Read more
Making Money Importing from China
One of the few remaining communist countries, with a huge population, China has a big impact over the worldwide trading. This happens both on imports and exports. It is known this country tradition in the trading sector. From old times this was a point of interest. Many goods were... Read more
Stopping Big Game, Trophy Hunting and Poaching
The killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe Africa has caused an uproar worthy of the species from conservationists and animal lovers around the world. The incident has brought the topic of big game hunting, trophy hunting and poaching back into the global spotlight which may be one of... Read more