Our 2015 Motorcycle Review
2015-Harley-Davidson-Softail 2015-Honda-CBR600RR 2015-Kawasaki_Z1000-ABS_action Ducati-2015-Multistrada-1200 Triumph-Thunderbird Yamaha-2015-FJR1300ES You can find more of our Motorcycle Review in our April 2015 issue of ModelsMania Read more
The Quest of Mind-Body Beauty
The words and pictures of Gina Scuderi and Megan Jones The quest for health of body and mind is a worthy but challenging goal. It takes a daily commitment to changing life habits, examining and re-examining personal methodology and public behavior. It requires an assessment of what really matters... Read more
How Different Couples Handle Open Relationships
By Brookelin Thorpe Let’s talk about open relationships. They’re all the rage these days. I’ve tried them a couple times, myself – but never successfully, so I won’t be doling out any advice in this article. That doesn’t mean that others haven’t been plenty successful – and very happy... Read more
5 Reasons We All Think the Opposite Sex is Crazy
By Brookelin Thorpe I have to apologize right off the bat for writing an entire article that applies almost exclusively to straight people. I don’t mean to exclude LGBT groups, but this is a bizarrely heterosexual issue. The straights are always saying things like, “men are stupid,” or “women... Read more
The Flowers of the Arizona Desert
Travel broadens the mind. The act of journeying to a place to see and experience its nature and essence ignites intellectual and spiritual growth that is some of the most significant in all our lives. Children’s first important venture outside the safe environs of their day to day lives... Read more
How to Be the Best Bartender
So, you’ve just decided that bar tendering could be the career for you or want to up your set of skills and knowledge about this job. That’s good because you don’t just stop at being a good bartender – you can be the best there is. Bar tendering belongs... Read more
The modeling industry in Ukraine
Modeling business is a “pink” dream of many girls. Naturally, every girl wants to be a cover girl of a glossy magazine and to walk down a European runway under the lights of cameras. However, nobody really knows what’s happening behind the scenes of a beautiful fairytale, except for... Read more
Steroids in the black market
The illicit sale of steroids or performance enhancing drugs is a booming business. Fuelled by the anonymity of the internet and the desires of athletes desperate to pump themselves up, a number of seemingly above-board companies have sprung up, operating on global web-based marketplaces. Anabolic steroids are classified as... Read more
Fast and Easy Soups and Stews
Whether it’s become quite cold outside and you need something hot to fill your tummy with or just want a fix for some comfort food goodness, these soups and stews will be on your table within 15-45 minutes using staple ingredients that you find in your kitchen. These are... Read more
The Mystical World of Ayahuasca: Medicine or Drug
There is a controversial substance brewed from plants tucked away in the Amazon jungle by mysterious shaman that chant, sing and douse participants in ritualistic smoke and fragrant waters. This mystical brew has been concocted in various countries in South America for hundreds if not thousands of years and... Read more