Autumn’s Unforgettable Gift of Change


Despite what many people say and try to convince others of when it comes to their “spontaneous” and “eclectic” natures, the human species shows a tendency to resist change. From exalted leadership down to salt-of-the-earth individuals, we love our routines, crave consistency and shun the unfamiliar. We buy the same brands of food each week, sometimes in pursuit of healthy lifestyles, but often times because we prefer that which we thoroughly know. We maintain allegiances to forms of entertainment, traditions of culture and religion and prefer specific patterns to our actions and behaviors, all because there is comfort in stability and that which is recognizable. And there is nothing wrong with such behavior, in fact the most effective ways towards becoming a responsible and efficient citizen and member of the community is by establishing trusted and treasured habits that serve many needs. Creating enduring and steadfast algorithms for life has obvious benefits when it comes to emotional and physical contentment, but there is a dark flipside to reliance on tried and true practices and resistance to change. The choice of repelling change is also the pathway towards stagnation, stultification and decay. That which does not change cannot grow in innovative and productive manners and that is because change is natural to all things. Change is built into the very fabric of the Physical Laws of the Universe. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics explains how entropy must increase within any closed system, so there for nothing can last, all things must fail. But that which changes can increase its likelihood of remaining dynamic by embracing modifications that are positive, logical and can fuel continued vibrancy. Few things in the lives of human kind are more of the essence of change than the Season that is Autumn.
Autumn is the virtual definition of change because so much of our history, culture, religion and even physical cues are tied to the incredible shifts that occur during the Fall months. While each season brings on its own elements of change, the tides of life begin altering very rapidly in September as days shorten, temperatures cool and the landscape transforms around us. All of this impacts our schedules, our activities, our livelihoods and our very emotions become a maelstrom of conflicting feelings, so very different from the other times of the year which tend to be dominated by singular moods. And as the Season progresses this intensifies in so many exhilarating ways. Even the color palate of our lives is a riot of constant variation during the Autumn. In Summer and Winter, the dominant colors maintain their ascendancy throughout their hold on the land. In Summer, greens and blues hold the land in sway, while in winter it tends to be muted earth tones and variations on white. Only in the short-lived time of High Spring is there a panoply of color to be seen, but NOT throughout the landscape. Only in small splashes of blossoms do we see change hold court in wondrous rich and pastel jewel tones.
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Top 10 Unknown Travel Destinations


You might be thinking that you have seen the best of the world but surprisingly there are so many incredibly beautiful locations that haven’t been explored much yet. These lesser known destinations around the globe, which we are going to introduce you with, are not yet overrun by tourists and hence, are cheaper to travel to and offer a wealth of natural and man-made wonders. These are the destinations that should be included into your bucket list and you must plan your next vacation to any of them.
1.Şanliurfa, Turkey:
If you are interested in exploring historical monuments, enjoy scenic sites and delectable cuisine then head to ŞANLIURFA. This beautiful, historic city, nicknamed as Urfa, dates back around 3,500 years. According to a local legend, Abraham was born here in a cave, which you can visit too.
The city showcases hordes of architectural marvels all of which depict Turkish traditional style and culture. The Fish Pool, the Throne of Nimrod Fortress, an extensive archaeological museum and the old style covered Bazaar are among other notable attractions of the city. Don’t forget to visit GöbekliTepe, where you will find the world’s oldest (11,000 years old) temple.
2.Grasse, France:
Whoever loves perfumes knows that French perfumes are the best in the world. So how about visiting Grasse, which produces two-thirds of France’s fragrances? Grasse is the perfumery hub of the world that’s located alongside the French Riviera. Perfume creators called Nose live a very principled life where they refrain from consuming alcohol and spicy food and avoid tobacco just to retain their sense of smell.
Originally the home of leather tanners Grasse became famous for perfumery later. You can visit the old town Place aux Aires, city’s most important monument 12th century Cathedral Notre-Dame-de-Puy, Lavender Fields andSarrasin tower. The daily market held at the main arcaded square is perfect for buying perfumes and other French souvenirs.
3.Kobarid, Slovenia:
This picturesque town is located in Soča Valley. Majestic mountains and plush, green pastures surround the town creating an utterly inspirational environment for those who want to avoid city’s hustle and bustle.
Not only natural wonders but the town also offers a fair share of historical and archaeological monuments some of which date back to the Iron Age. The town also played an important role in World War I, and the war museum showcases it brilliantly. It is a small and secluded town where you will find some of the world’s best cuisine as well.
4.Anguilla, Caribbean:
If you are into the tropics, then how about visiting this untouchedgem called Anguilla. As soon as you enter this breathtakingly beautiful island, you will notice the blindingly white sand and the pristine and lustrous aquamarine colored waters.
It is a low-key destination in comparison to the very busy and chaotic St. Martin area nearby. It is a peaceful island where neither cruise ship nor Jet Skis are allowed to preserve the purity of the air and prevent noise pollution. The island boasts of various luxurious retreats and gorgeous hillside villas. With top-rated service, amazing atmosphere and great dining options, Anguilla is certainly the ideal destination for a private hideaway.
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The Best Romanian Recipes


Even if it may not be as popular as the Lebanese or Indian cuisine, Romanian traditional cooking has gained its title of tasty Balkan cuisine with its unique flavors and the famous meat delicatessen. The traditional Romanian restaurants are quite numerous in the country, however the rumor of great taste has been quite spread in the surrounding countries, creating small franchises that cook and serve Romanian food from all its areas. And we refer to areas, as the traditional cuisine is divided by geographical location. For example, the Northern part of the country prefers overcooked meat with less seasoning, while the South of Romania offers better seasoning in a diminished cooking time for both frying and baking.
Having quite some varied neighbors in terms of cuisine, the Romanian recipes have various influences, starting from the Turkish inspiration and ending with the Polish and Hungarian flavors. All of these blended together from ancient times to create one of the most beloved cuisine, at least for Romanian gourmands.
We will start with the most popular Romanian recipes, dishes that are not usually cooked anywhere else but Romania, and that Romanians living abroad are struggling to recreate with ingredients found there. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t, and it all depends on the country where the ingredients are found. For example, if you live in a Balkan country chances are that you will find similar ingredients that you can use and come up with a dish that tastes and smells about the same as its original Romanian recipe. However, if you search for these ingredients farther, for example in the United States or Australia, you will not be able to reproduce the flavor of these foods in a way that would remind you of Romania, that’s for sure. Well, here’s what I am talking about:
“Sarmale” or Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
These are a very popular and tasty traditional foods that Romanians usually cook for holidays, as they require quite some time for preparing. What makes them to interesting is that they are covered in soggy cabbage leaves, which have the perfect quantity of salt and vinegar to accompany the meat patties towards an unforgettable flavor. The chopped meat is seasoned with traditional condiments for obtaining the perfect taste after baking the finite rolls, which is the final step after folding each roll. The ingredients are not so hard to find, even abroad, however the time of preparing the stuffed cabbage rolls is around 3 hours, as the mixture of ingredients is baked in rounds. The final result is delicious and the perfect garnish for the rolls is the traditional maize porridge. Bon appetite, or better said “Pofta buna!” in Romanian.
“Mititei” or Highly Seasoned Forcemeat Balls
The secret with the Mititei is seasoning and the mixture of meat. The best forcemeat balls are usually made of a perfect mixture of pork, lamb and beef, however the perfect quantities of each meat type are only known by the “masters” of this culinary product and are not so accessible to the large public.
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“Our Adherence to Following the Herd”
Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images

The Human Animal is a social creature, adopting and adapting the affectations it sees in its brethren during day to day interactions. The most creative or engaging ideas/inventions of individuals tend to be embraced rapidly by increasing numbers of individuals, leading to a purely human behavior known as “the trend”. In and of themselves, trends are harmless. At times they can lead to marvelous changes in the human condition. When early civilizations began mixing tin and copper 5000 years ago in an effort to create more efficient and durable metals, the Bronze Age began. Cultures jumped on board this technological trend, transforming landscapes, tool usage and design and ultimately revolutionizing human development. Many other scientific and creative trends have reshaped Man’s Destiny here on Earth, leading to all manner of benefit and progress. But trends have a dark side too, as society embraces an idea that has seeming value, but can lead to a variety of ills. In the 16th Century, Spanish traders introduced tobacco, brought from the Americas, to Europe and before long all the European trading powers were dealing in Nicotiana Rustica and spreading its influence around the globe. In the beginning, tobacco was praised for sweetening the foul air of dwellings, keeping away flying insects and bestowing a pleasant feeling to the soul. But as the centuries passed and this trend intensified, it led to generations of health problems that we still are struggling to address as a species. Like almost all aspects of human behavior, there are positive and negative sides to our tendency to jump on board trends.
In the world of art, music and other creative pursuits, trends also show the two faces of Janus. Trends can dramatically redirect the course of thinking and expression in art, taking society in an entirely different direction and paving the way for new pathways unimagined. For example, the Impressionist Movement of the 19th century yanked the Art World out of its complacent tendency towards Realism or idealized realism in the form of Romanticism. The school of thought that became the Impressionists revolutionized not only painting and sculpture, but writers, musicians and even Ethicists reconsidered how to deliver the message they wished to convey and the voice they wanted to use, restructuring the philosophical tenets of how any creative individual would synthesize their art. And while many people would jump on the Impressionistic Bandwagon, leading to a dilution of the trend after several decades, those who were energized by the Movement would take it down new roads leading to Expressionism, Modernism and the Post-Modern Era, keeping art and other creative endeavors on the cutting edge of experience. Such can be the positive outcome of an enormously popular trend.
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The Dark Side of Female Bodybuilders


There is a dark side to everything. But while in some cases this dark side is merely a dark corner, in other cases this dark side is an entire room filled with eerie darkness.
And female bodybuilding is the latter. What many health experts have assumed for years actually turns out to be true. Female bodybuilding is an unhealthy and highly addictive activity.
And the evidence comes from a WBFF professional female bodybuilder, who made quite a stir on social media recently by posting a Facebook post and revealing the dramatic downside of bodybuilding.
Laura Leeson, who won her pro card in 2014, finally mustered up the courage to reveal the negative aspect of bodybuilding. And her revelations are huge, to say the least.
Although in her Facebook post, which has been shared thousands of times on the social media platform alone, Leeson said she didn’t regret competing in female bodybuilding competitions, she felt the need to open her soul about the dark side of this sport.
Leeson started her message by thanking her husband, Scott Leeson, for all the love and support she has received over the years of her bodybuilding career. And then on that sweet note, the pro bodybuilder moved on to explaining the nasty side of female bodybuilding.
In Leeson’s words, even though looking at her photos it may seem like bodybuilding is healthy and glamorous, some aspects of this sport prove that this is “one of the unhealthiest sports” out there.
Speaking from her own experience, Leeson points out that one of the major downsides of female bodybuilding is psychological problems that comes from the rabid desire to (first) achieve the lean look and then (second) maintain it onstage.
Female bodybuilders are living in fear
It’s the constant fear to gain weight and checking your weight and measurements twice a day that messes up with your mental health. Basically, female bodybuilders are more prone to living in fear of gaining weight than male bodybuilders, since it’s much harder for women to lose weight.
And Leeson admits that the desire to hold onto her ripped physique played a cruel joke on her mental health. The pro female bodybuilder says that even though she was extremely excited and happy about her win, in no way did it mean that she could start cheating with her diet or putting less effort into maintaining her lean body in the gym.
“I didn’t increase my calories gradually. I didn’t add carbs back in, I didn’t reduce my cardio or other training and therefore for was tired, hungry, miserable and hated myself.”
Although she was well aware that such lifestyle was not healthy and nor was it maintainable, she still continued to follow the low calories, low carb diet, while enduring great stress in the gym.
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Exclusive Interview: Tiffany Luv Wright


What type of author or writer you consider yourself to be?
First, I am a fiction writer. But then it turned into a lot of life writing. Over the years the blog kind of turned into a place for people going through major life changes, I’m not even sure how to categorize that? Life writing is the best way I can describe it. I curse a lot though…it’s not my most
flattering writing trait. My future mother in law probably cringes about that.

How do you choose the topic or subject matter?
Sometimes I get blocked. Other times, I get fueled and very passionate about something. Lately, it’s been difficult to sit on my hands and not write in regards to the huge political bullshit we have seemingly found ourselves sitting in. I would liken it to watching your kiddo sit down in
the sandbox and start fondling kitty shit. That is hard, there are friendships at stake, you know? I write when I find passion. Passion and disregard for judgement often result in the most favorite pieces. I
struggle with letting go sometimes and just writing how I feel. For those who know me that may sound odd, but I swear it is true. There are times Iwrite a piece and sit with my hand on the key to publish for a very long while…true story.

Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre?
I love the young adult genre. I mean I love it. The sci-fi stuff and the paranormal romances…yes please. Especially for young girls and women who need a few moments to get lost in a storyline. Real life makes fiction necessary.
Where did your love of books/storytelling/reading/writing/etc. come from?
My love of reading started early. I think it was probably an escape from a crappy childhood. Looking back, it was magical to get lost in another part of the world or another person’s story. I could just not think for hours. I would finish a book in days. I couldn’t put it down. I’m lucky my kids read too. Especially the littles, they both are nightly readers.

How long have you been writing?
I didn’t start writing until I was in my early 20’s. Then I put it down. I Just stopped. I had binders full of
journal notes and poetry and drawings. And I just stopped. I guess to have babies. It’s so easy to quit a passion in order to start living “real life”, however, I think it ends up being detrimental to an artist. We
always come back to it. Always. Otherwise your spiritual functionality just diminishes.

What cultural value do you see in writing/reading/storytelling/etc.?
Telling stories is important. It is how our culture moves forward, by looking back and reading the stories and legends. In the case of fiction, it gives us a mental and emotional escape, it opens our brains to the
incredible power of the imagination. If we lose that, our society is in trouble. Stories are real life memories and real life encounters, even when embellished, they can spark intelligence and creativity.
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Dangerous Sports: Thrill Alongside Risks


There’s no other kind of thrill than engaging in a dangerous sport – the kind wherein you’re just one moment away from a disaster. Where’s the fun when there’s no amount of risk, right? And so, a lot of people have continued to tiptoe the line between safety and danger just to experience the exhilarating high of adrenaline rush.
But some of the dangerous sports don’t appear to be obviously risky at first. Some sports, such as tennis, can render serious injuries that reduce the players’ ability to play top of their game, and probably degrade their performance of other physical activities later in life too. Meanwhile, there are sports that are obviously risky at first look, such as train surfing which has become even more popular in different parts of the world.
Sports are great way to pass the time, express yourself and provide and/or generate entertainment. However, sports can also be a good source of injury too; and in worst cases, death. Here are some of the dangerous sports and the risks they present.
According to the British Columbia Injury Research and Prevention Unit, hockey is the third leading sports with the most ER visits among the youth, next to basketball and soccer. And obviously so, hockey does present a substantial amount of danger with players being slammed against the board, threading on thin slippery ice and getting in contact with other players and the puck. The most common injuries in hockey are head concussions, broken bones and severe back pain.
Hockey games have contact and non-contact varieties, but contact games place players in risk of more injuries. Contact hockey has more aggression wherein players can use their bodies for defense and offense, resulting in painful falls and collisions.
When playing hockey, it is important that players wear protective gear properly, may it be during practice or actual game. Knee and shin pads as well as helmets help reduce the amount of risks and pain from hits.
Horse Jumping
Equestrian events are quite a spectacle, but they can also pose serious injuries, and sometimes cause death, to the rider. A study in New Zealand found that 6% of the horseback riders sustain injury and that a horse riding-related accident could occur every 2,000 hours. While this data may show little risk or danger, the gravity of injury that a horse-rider sustains could range from mild to very severe, and in other cases, death.
When it comes to dangers related to horse riding, equestrian events and cross country jumping come top of the list. When a horse jumps and gallops out in the open field, traversing a road full of rocks, roots and uneven ground, the horse could slip and fall, throwing off its rider and possibly falling into him. Meanwhile, eventing competitions where horses are commanded to jump over obstacles aren’t safe from danger as well. In fact, actor Christopher Reeve who was well known for his Superman role in the 1970s-1980s, was thrown off his horse in an eventing competition which resulted to his paralysis.
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The Choice to Model


Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images
Models: Joanna Marie & Ashley Nash
Every single young woman who steps in front of a camera and strikes a pose as a model does so for her own reasons. Those motives can be deeply felt, passionate and visceral in nature, or they can be blithe, carefree and shallow. Many girls step into modeling in hopes of pursuing it as a profession, while some are only interested in dabbling as a pastime, while others just hope to partake of the experience that one instant in their lives. But what few young ladies ever realize as they polish up their hair and makeup in preparation for stepping onto that photography set, is that they have walked the very first steps on a Journey that will lead to levels of self-discovery not any less disparate than their intentions for taking the plunge into something that seems so superficial, but often times will lead them to paths of self-evaluation like no other vocation/avocation out there. Life is about the Voyage, not the Destination, and most of what we engage in for activities and interests helps us to learn about ourselves on that Life Quest. But what makes modeling special is that often times, it can be a process of self-discovery from the outside and then delving deep inside to places many young women don’t ever expect that they will seek out.
It begins in front of a mirror, often times as young as ten or eleven years old, sometimes a little older, but even more commonly just a bit younger. Girls begin looking at themselves with a hyper-critical eye, internalizing the commentary of family, friends and acquaintances about what they consider to be definitions of beauty. That series of statements made to young girls leaves an indelible and lasting impression causing most females to see themselves through extremely warped and distorted perspectives of that they THINK they look like, what they WISH they look like and what they HOPE to look like. As such, a girl’s self-concept can often have just as many negative aspects to its intricacy as positive. And far too commonly, young girls enter modeling seeking affirmation of beauty that they don’t truly feel in themselves but wish and hope for with all their hearts. So as the journey of modeling opens, many young women are forced to come to terms with their real strengths and weaknesses of physical beauty and discard misconceptions of what their PERCEIVED strengths and weaknesses were. Often times there are degrees of overlap when it comes to reality and perception, but modeling is frequently one of the very first times girls address the “tapes” they have been playing in their heads since their childhood and early adolescence as to what they believe their appearance to be as opposed to what it truly is. Being forced to come to terms with real weaknesses and how to compensate for them as well as embracing true strengths and how to celebrate them is one of the first genuine liberating moments in a girl’s sense of self.
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8 Lies girls tell their boyfriends


Everybody lies. But women lie even more often than men, and that’s a fact. And that’s because women talk more than men. And when women lie, they do it in a more cunning and more sophisticated way than men.
Women lie to both women and men, but what’s more interesting is that girls lie to their boyfriends, too.
However, girls always lie for a good cause. At least they honestly believe in that. But no need to make a scene just because your girlfriend is lying to you every once in a while, because most of the times they lie about stuff to avoid conflicts.
So let’s review some of the most common lies girls tell their boyfriends – and some of those lies even repeat on daily basis!
1.‘No, I’m not mad at you!’
Let’s begin with what’s probably the most common lie girls tell their boyfriends. In addition to being the most common lie, it’s also the most annoying one. And it may also do more damage to your relationship than other lies.
Every time you say something at an inopportune time or you raise your voice, or you say something when stuck in traffic, during her period, during a sad film, when you’re fighting, when she hasn’t slept well (and the list goes on and on and on…), you risk getting the ‘No, I’m not mad at you!’ response from your girlfriend.
But don’t believe her so soon. Most of the times (about 99%) when women say they’re not mad, they are just as mad as a dog that has just lost a large meaty piece of steak.
And not every boyfriend notices it but it’s the way a girl says the phrase that gives her away. Usually girls say the ‘No, I’m not mad at you!’ phrase with the voice that they would use when eating your brains with a teaspoon.
The best advice to avoid such phrase would be to not get your girlfriend mad, but that’s beyond possible. Women get mad easily and you have to be super-sensitive and understand how your girlfriend thinks to completely save yourself from the ‘No, I’m not mad at you!’ response.
There are two ways out of this situation. The first one is that you can just let it be as it is and let her cool down. But if your girl is an unforgiving and grudge-holding person, you risk creating even more problems for yourself, as she may be like ‘Oh, so you’re not even trying to smooth it over’.
The second way out is to smooth it over using hugs, kiss and sex. And more sex. Or you could do something crazy or unexpected to distract her from the ‘mad’ thoughts.
But don’t even hope for your girl to admit that she was acting silly and there was really no reason for her to get mad at. This kind of girls doesn’t exist.
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Crazy Things People Do on Instagram


Instagram. We all know what’s it about and most of us have our own account. Instagram was created in late 2010 and in only two years, grew rapidly and gained much popularity. The result: 150 million monthly users in 2013 and still counting! On this application, you see so many different things like photos and videos that are inspiring funny and…crazy. So what are the craziest things people do on Instagram?
No. 1: The Kylie Jenner Challenge.
We all know what this is about. A few months ago, a new challenge popped up from nowhere, the Kylie Jenner Challenge. And it went viral. Countless videos and pictures of women, girls and even boys sucking on a small glass in order to make their lips swell up, conquered the internet and especially, Instagram. Although the star stated that she had absolutely nothing to do with it by saying:”I’m not here to try & encourage people/young girls to look like me or to think this is the way they should look,” young girls, women and boys who were probably jealous of her perfect puffy lips, tried to do the challenge. The result? Absolutely hilarious! And painful. The technique of glass sucking resulted people all around the globe with swelled up and bruised lips, who looked like ducks. But the worst part is, that by sucking on a glass to make your lips swell, you can actually destroy your blood vessel and break them.
No. 2: Embarrassing Photos of Friends.
Really now, I think each and every one of us has become a victim of cyber bullying by our friends, who posted really embarrassing pictures of us on Instagram without us knowing about it. But let’s be honest… we’ve done it too! Let’s say you were just having a bad hair day, or you’re very tired after work and you fall asleep on the worst position with the worst face on the couch, or your friend just won’t stop taking selfies and pictures to “keep for themselves and look back to,” well that’s a lie. Five minutes later you’re a joke gone viral with your mouth open and drooling on a pillow. I admit it’s really funny when I do it, but I hate it when they do it to me! WHY? Why did you take this picture and uploaded on Instagram? Now the guy/girl I’ve trying to go on a date with, will see it and all my chances at love have been destroyed. Thanks bestie/bro. I love you too. NOT.
No. 3: Challenges.
Crazy challenges that got recorded on video and uploaded on Instagram. Most memorable are the cinnamon challenge, in which the person had to eat a whole teaspoon of cinnamon and swallow it with success, instead we got countless funny reactions to the cinnamon burn they all got, as well as the spitting of the cinnamon and the aftershock.
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