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It’s a Matter of Perception


It is often that I hear someone praise a particular restaurant’s food as being superb, and in a related conversation some time later, another person say something like “I have no idea what that guy is talking about. I thought our meal tonight was terrible”. A person will look at a morning sky, ablaze with reds and oranges and be filled with the wonder of nature’s artistry, while another person will find their heart clouded with the foreboding of the old saw “red sky at morning, sailor take warning”. Some people see glasses that are half full, while others see glasses on their way to being empty. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There are endless wise sayings to explain the reality of how very different any given viewpoint is to each and every person. So it goes with the very nature of human perception of the world around them.
One of the most unique, fantastic and problematic qualities of humanity is its complicated psychology which dictates how we interact with the world around us. As a result, people see actions and hear language through the distinctive filter of how their brain is constructed added to the layers of experience that cause their mind to evolve and change. One person might find joy at the sound of fireworks being set off while those same sounds can cause painfully intense anguish in another person. The soft sound of wind in autumn leaves might be soothing to one person and leave another with the vaguely unsettled emotion of loss. The very nature of individualism as part of the core of our species makes a disparate grasp of what occurs in day to day life inescapable and the likelihood of dissension in such interpretations very probable. But it is a pair of distinctly human characteristics that can help us surmount the challenges of a psychological Tower of Babel.
Humankind is the one class of animal on Earth that has the method of communication that we do. Other species in the Animal Kingdom can communicate, but not with WORDS. Our language is word-based, each expression having a distinct meaning, many words having multiple meanings and the arrangement of syntax can convey a wide variety of messages, most of which come with powerful emotional connotations.
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Why Nothing Celebrities Do Is Impressive, Inspiring, Brave Or Any Of That


If you’re like most people, then odds are you look up to a Hollywood celebrity like Ryan Gosling. And why not? He’s got great abs, great hair, and best of all, he’s Canadian. Or maybe it’s Beyoncé you idolize; she’s so fierce and strong! What a woman. Or perhaps Ryan Reynolds? He’s Canadian, too, you know. What about Johnny Depp? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with his inspiring instagram posts from the gym at 3:30am, or whenever he wakes up to eat raw eggs, what about him? All pretty impressive folks, right? Wrong. They’re not. They’re not impressive. Want to know why? Because these people, these celebrities, they all make 50 million dollars a year. Do you know how easy it would be to get over an eating disorder if you made 50 million dollars a year? How gladly and readily you would leap out of bed at the crack of dawn to greet the day and hit the gym? What, for the rest of us, is a daily rite of existential suffering as we peel ourselves out of nonexistence in order to endure another sixteen hours of relentless tedium, is, to these people, an actual joy, consisting of freedom and opportunity the likes of which we could only dream of (which, coincidentally, is precisely why we don’t enjoy waking up).
Take, for example, the rabid ferocity with which we engorged ourselves on those god-awful celebrity lip-syncing shows. “Oh my God,” we would say, “that’s so funny! The Rock is lip-syncing to Britney Spears! He’s so big and muscular, and a man, and she’s a woman!” Or “look at that Emma Stone, my goodness isn’t she just so bold and confident up there, singing a song traditionally sung by a manly man. Gosh, she’s so secure with who she is, I really look up to that!” Yes, well, I hate to break it to you but being zany and ridiculous on live television is literally the easiest thing on the planet to do, and it gets exponentially easier when you get paid 50 million dollars for it. They aren’t even singing! They’re not doing anything! They’re just mouthing the words! It took them an hour to learn that, meted out over the course of three days’ worth of showers! These celebrity lip-syncing shows are most of what’s wrong with America today. Thirteen of the United States’ sixteen (or is it seventeen?) intelligence divisions have unilaterally confirmed that celebrity lip-syncing shows are responsible for both ISIS and cancer in children. Yet we still consume them en masse like nothing so much as a pack of starving hyenas, yapping and jabbering as we lap up the flesh from the bones of what was once a great country.
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Trump, Twitter and the Move toward Social Media Politics


The United States has a new president, Donald J. Trump. Regardless of which candidate you supported, you have to admit that it was one of the most controversial campaigns in the nation’s history. From Bernie Sanders seemingly being vote-winked by the Clinton crew to Hillary herself being bludgeoned by email leaks and hacks to the Donald riling crowds with his coarse and sometimes vulgar verbal displays, the 2016 election process resembled more of a circus than a professional political contest.
Through all the shenanigans, bad press and mudslinging, there is one notable trend that has arisen and appears to be solidifying into a common practice – the use of social media by high-ranking political figures. The most obvious example that has shined the most light on the topic is The Donald himself. Both as a candidate in the presidential race and now as the sitting President of the United States, it seems social media – most notably Twitter – is a major venue of choice.
Changing of the Traditional Filter Guard
The traditional mode of campaigning for public office was to travel from city to city, get up on the proverbial soap box and present your message in front of attending crowds of onlookers and press reporters. There were protective, controlling filters put in place to ensure that every jot and tittle of every speech and message gave favor to the speaker and the issues being addressed.
As technology progressed, venues such as radio and television offered politicians the means by which they could present their messages to greater masses of people than ever before. Although they could more readily skirt around some of the traditional processes, filters were still in place to ensure smooth delivery. Speeches were written, timelines were drawn and the venues themselves were meticulously controlled. With filters in place, the nation as a whole could witness campaign battles, news reports and ultimate victories through these miracles of modern society.
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Esports in 2017


Esports (electronic sports) are gaining growing popularity. They are being widely accepted throughout the world. A lot of people are getting addicted to Esports every year. It is hard for someone to remain unaffected by them. Its business is spreading substantially as well. Every year we see new changes in Esports and the competition gets better and stronger. Esports succeeded to make 2016 a big year prominent for Esports and it is predicted that Esports will be successful to entice yet again new audience into its addiction.
What to Expect in 2017
Looking at the events through which different Esports progressed throughout last year and carefully examining the happenings and occasions that took place in competitive Esports Gaming we can least expect following things to happen in this year. We cannot predict the winners or who is going to lose in the upcoming tournaments but only looking at the biggest scenes and by imagining how they could change in this year.
We can least expect these things to happen in the year of 2017 and following are the events that we can expect to happen this year in Esports Gaming.
Increasing Audience of FGC
The Fighting Game Community (FGC) is growing and growing each and every year because the prize pools and the audience is increasing exponentially. We will never see anything like before this year. Large and considerable population is keeping its eyes on Fighting Game Community (FGC). The prizes are being increased keeping in mind the growing popularity of Fighting Game Community (FGC). For instance Street Fighter’s V’s Capcom Cup allowed a prize pool that was funded by crowd and the award for first position was increased upto $230,000 for American Du “NuckleDu” Dang. So this year’s Street Fighter Pro is definitely going to blow everyone’s mind and it is going to be huge this year.
Super Smash Bros- Melee, it has been luring escalating number of people and their growing attention towards Super Smash Bros- Melee over the past few years and it was indeed an event to watch happening at biggest fighting game tournament in the world. There is a great possibility that Nintendo Switch will have a re-release of Melee on Virtual Console, and this year the GameCube will most definitely receive even greater support and appreciation than in any past year.
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Eating in Dubai


Food in Dubai
Dubai is breathtakingly beautiful city and one of its beauty is that it is home to people from different regions. Dubai is full of immigrants and assortment of people belonging to different nations. But the food of Dubai is greatly influenced by Asian and Middle Eastern Dishes. Dubai has been developed quite recently and the land is full of people who are from different cultures. So, there is no such thing as “national food” because the diversity and variety in food is as much as the diversity of people. You can get all types of food in Dubai so there is no such food we can associate its origin to Dubai or any food which will be recognized as “Food of Dubai.”
Knowhow of Emirati Cuisine
If you want to spend time in Dubai with your family or you are going to Dubai with your friends, even if you are going alone or you are taking someone special along with you, there is one thing you should be aware of. You cannot go to Dubai and expect to be served with most tasty and delicious dishes on your doorsteps. You have to be well prepared and well aware of food in Dubai. So, if you are ever planning to take a tour to Dubai, then make sure you have firm grasp on Emirati cuisine. Because of diversity and great variety of food, you cannot expect that you will like every kind of food and you do not want to go and eat what makes you puke. Food in Dubai will be like the food which your taste-buds have never had savored before. The city might not offer you other new escapades but Dubai guarantees that you will be surprised by the kind of food it offers you. Dubai’s beauty lies in the heterogeneity and diversification it provides in everything, whether it is people living there or food that people enjoy in Dubai. And one thing for sure that Dubai can never be short of great and enormous eateries. But it is up to you to plan and decide which kind of food you like the best and which suits your taste the best.
Varieties of Food
As far as food is concerned, Dubai is most exotic city which you will ever find. Dubai does not have its own Michelin Guide, but it utilizes those chefs and restaurant chains which have been previously recognized in their respective regions. Since it is populated with people belonging to different regions from all over the world but major chunk of population is areas nearby Middle East and Asian nations like Pakistan and India who work there.
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Geneva international auto show


Koenigsegg Agera RS ‘Gryphon

McLaren 720S

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Mass incarceration – Let there be Justice?


No one will doubt the fact that the United States justice system is flawed, the degree of how much the system is flawed, is where we usually differ among ourselves. Like most intuitions and systems, the American criminal justice system has undergone quite a revolution. From the use of religion to creating an independent system based on rules of morality, the American system of justice has come a really long way. The idea however is for the evolution to continue because there is still plenty of room within the system to change for the better.
One of the biggest failures of the American justice system lies within mass incarceration of its populace. Mass incarceration means imprisonment of the millions and millions of people all over the world. Interestingly enough while the United States makes up a mere 5% of the world population; however still, it is responsible for nearly a staggering 22% of the world’s prison population. The problems of mass incarceration need to be understood in its entirety, before any change is expected to be made. There let us try and explore the failures of the justice system in this regard, before we can talk about how the system must be overhauled to pave way for a reduction in mass incarceration and make a move towards a justice system that allows a room for flexibility.
The mandatory minimum
More than 2 million people are incarcerated in U.S. prisons and a large percentage of those incarcerated are guilty of committing potentially heinous crimes but in a very trivial capacity. They are given sentences in the same manner under the mandatory minimum sentencing laws. This means no matter what the actual story was, the law is upheld and the punishment remains above all. Let’s take a look at the case of drug trafficking: in this case mandatory sentences are triggered whenever a crime involves a kilogram or more of heroin and 5 kilogram or more of cocaine etc. which implies that a 1st offense including manufacturing, distributing, or possessing with intent to distribute with no deaths caused or no serious bodily injury leads to 10 years of imprisonment, a 2nd offense where there is manufacturing, distributing, or possessing with intent to distribute, and death or serious bodily injury results in 20 years of imprisonment and in the 3rd offense, manufacturing, distributing, or possessing with intent to distribute leads to life imprisonment.
While most mandatory minimum sentences apply to drug offenses, however they are now enacted for other crimes as well which include certain gun, pornography, and economic offenses. This means that the number of incarcerations automatically increases under this system.
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Stopping Sexist Trolls


How to Stand Up Against Misogynist and Sexually Demeaning Persons Online
The internet was initially a place to connect, interact and socialize. Later on, it also became the environmental melting pot for antagonistic behavior where people who hide in animosity can bring other people down by their demeaning comments.
The term trolling refers to the antagonistic behavior or act of people online. Trolls bash people with their derogatory remarks regarding race, sexuality among other things. Trolls often take pleasure in their anonymous mischief and getting an irritated, and sometimes threatened reaction from their victims.
According to author Whitney Philips, Ph.D., trolls “ reveled in disrupting as many people’s days as possible. As a result, trolls were regarded by many as the primary deterrent to a kinder, more equitable Internet.” Philips also pointed out that “women are simply not as visible, or as valued, within the energy sector.”
And if we’re going to make sense of what Philips is trying to say, it’s easy to see why trolls like to do what they do and why they like to target women. Trolls most likely think it’s fun to bring down you self-esteem through their carefully-worded destructive comments and it brings them pleasure to see their victims being affected.
Ariana Grande Defends Herself Against Online Trolls
Women, in particular, are prone to becoming victims of online trolls, especially of abusive sexist remarks. Trolls can specifically pick on celebrities with no problem. Celebrities are public figures and whatever they post online can easily be seen by anyone, including trolls. But being public figures doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand up for what you believe in and defend yourself against the hurtful remarks.
It’s just a good thing that personalities like Ariana Grande knows how to stand for herself and put their trolls into their places.
April of last year, Ariana released her music video on “Dangerous Woman.” While fans were happy to see and hear their idol’s work of art, trolls are fast to slam her, calling the video as too sexual. One of the troll’s explicit opinion over the MTV said “Ariana all respect, but dangerous woman I loved but the trouble is that in he [sic] video salts like a whore!…sorry for the rudeness, I only just said the truth…SORRY.”
To which, Ariana replied “when will people stop being offended by women showing skin/expressing sexuality? men take their shirts off / express their sexuality on stage, in videos, on instagram, anywhere they want to…all. the. time.” The artist also criticized the prevalent double standards women suffer from when it comes to expressing sexuality, noting that women should be able to express themselves online and offline without judgment.
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Sex She Loves


For many men female sexuality is what J. K. Rowling would call the „Chamber of Secrets”. Asking yourself what women want in bed is a neverending discussion that men can spend entire lives wondering about and debating: they can capitalize on, bet on, get dissapointed with, get angry for or get scared about, while still being attracted it as a primordial desire. What do women actually want in bed? If I had an exact answer to this question I would surely be the number one guru coaching adult men for a living. However, as varied as these may seem, the sexual desires of women do have some milestones and some common parts described below, as parts of common or shared experience.
However, just to clarify, for most women, sex is feeling. And by feeling I don’t just mean excessive romance or movie-like juicy scenes. By feeling I mean everything from prelude, feeling you inside of her, up to post-sex emotional implication and just being there actively and showing you’re her number one. This kind of active implication produces pleasure and women love all experiences that offer them pleasure. So no matter how they’re tempered, no matter if they’re hard-to-get, nymphos or shy, women do have some common sexual preferences that you can keep in mind and play with, one thing’s for sure: they do like playing.
Talk dirty to her
Words are sometimes stronger than actions, and sex is one of the situations this rule applies. Most people get mentally aroused first, and then physical excitement occurs. More than that, studies show that women are way better at talking dirty than most men, and are very willing to get attracted in dirty talking games. Even the most feminine and soft women feel the need to hear you tease them with dirty words. It’s not necessarily a taboo habit, it’s sometimes just the simplest way to get them horny, especially in non-conventional situations, wen they least expect it. They may not be very clear on shouting out this dirty desire, as we all know women don’t come with instruction manuals, but you can be sure that dirty talking is one of women’s greatest mental pleasures. Just imagine she’s at work and you’re calling her for no reason and taking her out of her focus with some sexy breathing and gentle teasing. This way you could actually start a prelude hours in advance, which would make her go cazy, that’s for sure!
Keep her busy
Women are very active sex partners. You may be surprised, but many women consider men as pretty predictable and dull in bed, because they really are more active than you would be tempted to think. And by active I mean both phisically and mentally. Not sure why this is and why they sometimes consider men as a bit boring, maybe because men are many times reluctant in making the first step or maybe because the misionary position is just too old to cope with in 2016. In any case, many women like to be offered the chance to lead a wild sex act, which is most likely done with the consent of the partner, just to be on the safe side. So don’t let her get bored, just act natural and give her all the freedom she can use for getting what she wants from you. From caressing to gently grabbing her hips and moving her the way she likes it, you can let your woman do all the work, be sure she’s enjoying be in control more than you would think. Encourage her and tease her and „you will never have to work a day in your life”.
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