A Celebration of Life
Maternity Imagery is a joyous occasion in so many ways. Mothers-to-be are happy, filled with excitement and anticipatory glee at the arrival of a newborn. Taking pictures of a woman who is all smiles, filled with enthusiasm and is less self-conscious about her “condition” makes the shoot far less... Read more
The Celebrity Autograph Business
It is typical for fans to want their idol’s autographs. A signed photo by Taylor Swift or a baseball defaced by a famous player sure strengthens the emotional connection of the fan to the celebrity, not to mention giving him bragging rights about acquiring a signature that’s considered by... Read more
REO Speedwagon:  Speeding Back to the Top
Who has led a more rock and roll life than the band REO Speedwagon? They dressed the part with the requisite big hair and walked the path trodden many times before by bands that started out in a small town, gained moderate success and then faded from the limelight.... Read more
Having a party usually comes with one’s birthday, graduation or anniversary, but in reality you don’t really need an excuse to throw one! If a party has good food, that’s a big bonus for everyone! Don’t you want to be the person who throws the best parties with the... Read more
Men’s Fashion for 2016
In between London Collections Men, New York Fashion and events in between that showcase men’s fashion, it’s easy to surmise what trends are likely to dominate for men’s fashion this year. There seems to be movement on function and practicality, earthy color tones and relaxed and laid-back fitting. •Slouchy... Read more
Our 2016 Car Preview
2016_Nissan_Sentra 2016 MazdaCX9 2017-Chevrolet-CruzeHatch 2017-Buick-LaCrosse You can see more of our car preview in our March 2016 issue of ModelsMania Read more
The Gift of Change
“Transformation and its Purifying Power in Our Lives” Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images Few people stop to think about the unique blessings Mankind has had bestowed upon us. Some are obvious like our creative talents, our rationale minds and our complex emotional structures. But one of the... Read more
The Siren Call of Numbers
“Our Slide into the Slavery to Analytics” Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images I once heard the statement, “Only in Mathematics will we find Truth”. It was a long time ago, but I clearly remember the deeply unsettling series of emotions that chased each other through my being... Read more
Top Cooking Trends For 2016
If you want to be healthy in 2016, you need to know certain cooking trends that will prevail around the world. This year, it will be all about healthy alternatives to regular foods and eating foods that contain lots of healthy nutrients and elements. For example, this year it... Read more
What to do in New Zealand
If you’re looking for an alternative, green and beautiful destination for this year’s holiday, New Zealand is the place to be. New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Away from everything, New Zealand combines modern European culture with the traditional Māori of the region. Here... Read more