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Disciples of Babylon


We are very excited and happy to welcome the band Disciples of Babylon to MODELSMANIA! We are pleased to be featuring these guys in this issue. Disciples of Babylon is an international rock band based in Hollywood, California. The group was founded in 2012 and includes Eric Knight on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, lead guitarist Ramon Blanco, bassist Gui Bodi and on drums Chris Toeller. In 2012, Eric Knight met Ramon Blanco while attending an alumni event at
the Musician’s Institute College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood, which is subsequently all the band members’ alma mater. After seeing a video of Blanco conducting a guitar soloing tutorial on YouTube, Eric immediately contacted Ramon and expressed interest in starting a band with him. The chemistry between both musicians was undeniable as they wrote the song “Arrived”, featured on their debut EP, during their first meeting together. From that moment on, Eric Knight and Ramon Blanco would spend their time writing and perfecting new material, while plotting their next steps in the band’s evolution. That evolution manifested itself in the form of bassist Gui Bodi, who attended school with Ramon and also worked with him previously on several music related projects. Gui came highly recommended by Ramon,
and after their initial meeting, Eric immediately agreed that he was the right choice for the band, and they both
extended an invitation to be the group’s official bassist. Their debut EP release ‘Welcome to Babylon’ was released last fall and was produced by Grammy winner Andres Torres whose engineering work on Grammy & Latin Grammy winning (La
Santa Cecilia, Alejandro Sanz) has put him on the map in the Latin world as one of the fastest rising young producers in the genre today. This was his first foray working with an American rock act. The album was mastered by Grammy winner Joe LaPorta (Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, Vampire Weekend) making this a world class project all the way. The band is a cross between Muse, Foo Fighters & 30 Seconds to Mars to give you some musical context as to the band’s direction. Karma is their debut single off the EP which is building traction and getting an incredible reaction from stations around the world such SWR FM (Sydney, Australia), Total Rock FM (London England) as well as specialty rock shows including On the Verge – 98.3 FM New Jersey, The Shift Music from the UK among others. Karma was selected by the Eclectic Music Blog as #75 of the “Top 100 Songs of 2015” alongside acts such as: Muse, Royal Blood, Foo Fighters & U2. They were also selected as one of the “Top 25 Best Critiqued Bands” of 2015 in the year end edition of Music
Connection Magazine. In addition, over the last few months they’ve built a very organic and extremely loyal following on social media that continues to grow every day.
You can see the complete feature and the interview in our May 2017 issue of ModelsMania.

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The Grove and the Meadow


“An Allegorical Tale”
Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images
It is truly astonishing, the gifts of understanding and blessings of wisdom that are presented to us all through our lives, sometimes in places and in fashions we least expect. Looking back, it is easy to see what insight can be gleaned from those special moments in time, but it takes a lifetime of learning to be able to see with clear eye, even those badly jaded by age and experience.
Like most boys he knew from the time and place wherein he was set, Jack lived in a small house in a quiet suburb outside a small city. In fact, Jack’s home was close enough to the city to bike down to it, as would be the case later in his childhood. But in his earliest formative years, his parents took him for walks in the woods and fields behind his house or let him ride his bike up and down the streets of his corner of town. There were plenty of neighbors nearby, making it feel “civilized”, but abutting their property were small but dense copses of trees mixed with small fields, creating a little patchwork of wilderness a few dozen acres in size. In later years, that wild corner of the neighborhood would seem quite small, but to a little boy, it was a world unto itself. As a toddler, Jack would be led into the shade of those woods and look out with wide eyes at the seemingly endless rows of tree trunks that stretched as far as he could imagine. It was a place that seemed to hold a universe of wonder.
In those days, parents tended to be a bit more trusting of the world outside their doors and the lessons that were taught to little ones were instilled to such a high degree that when some freedom was proffered, foolish and reckless choices and behavior were not terribly commonplace. It was a little different when small groups of boys went off to play in sand pits, along stream sides or in backyards, but when Jack was left to his own devices, roughhousing and rambunctious play gave way to exploring and thoughtful introspection that came of those discoveries. And the glades and thickets beckoned, places where anything could be hiding and secrets long buried or forgotten could be uncovered.
Jack’s first forays were short and within sight of his mother, walking along a disused path that led up onto gentle knolls and down into small swales. The first exciting find came at the end of the old path, an old stone wall rather like the ones at the front of his parents’ property, but somehow more interesting because it was deep in the shadows of the forest and it marked the edge of the unknown. Beyond this boundary was someone else’s land, someone Jack had never met, someone who didn’t even live in the neighborhood. Someone who owned the land and let it lie quietly fallow. So Jack began visiting the stone wall more and more, fascinated to see how it seemed older and rougher than the ones in the front of his parent’s lot. And it was also somehow the boundary between what he knew and what was kept a mystery. Little summertime visits to the stone wall were always fruitful, filled with discoveries of all types that delight boys like sharp rocks that could have been arrow points, snakes and butterflies to be caught and then released, exotic minerals to be studied and identified. But always the land beyond the wall waited, whispered in Jack’s mind and bided its time.
You can read more of this article in our April 2017 issue of ModelsMania

A Collective Failing Memory


“Our Nation’s Abdication of Remembering that which was Worthy”
Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images
As I have grown older, I have quietly feared the likely possibility that at some point I will have to come to terms with waning powers of recall. I have watched family and friends of my grandparents’ and parents’ generations struggle with it and know that the day will not be too far off. For the time being though, I am still blessed to have a formidable long-term memory and can recall facts, events, feelings and all manner of minutiae from long ago. My short-term memory seems a little creaky at times but it is likely to be more of a question of the demands of multi-tasking, so to combat this dilemma, I create all kinds of lists to keep in mind that which I know I want to maintain some degree of mastery. I even still plan out writing like this article, putting down on paper the key points I wish to explore in a fashion that is little different from when I was a school boy, when I once was doing many reports about people, places and things that I was required to learn about. During my long teaching career, when the impetus of teaching “higher level thinking skills” took away the onus of expecting memorization in operations like mathematics and spelling, I resisted the urge to jump on such a bandwagon and found compromise where none seemed to exist, asking my students to remember important knowledge AND think critically and analytically. And when I teach models and photographers about the finer points of the business wherein I am set today, I do all in my power to encourage the remembrance of that which I impart, hoping those tidbits of understanding will come in handy at some point in the future.
But my view from the vantage I now occupy in my dealings with the varied and sundry people who cross my path is grim when it comes to memory and what value it has for us in the modern world. When Andy Warhol remarked in 1968 that “in the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes”, what he should have said was that “sometime in the future, anything that is 15 minutes old will be deemed forgettable and pass into oblivion for eternity”. For that is what seems to be the case when it comes to memory and how it applies to our sense of ourselves as a Nation and a People. Lip service is given to remembering important individuals and events from our past, but few people really understand what it is they are supposed to keep in memory or why it might be significant. Instead, our focus is on what is current in the media, what is crass and boorish, what catches people’s attention for a very short period of time because it escalates drama or causes folk to feel a sense of concern, even if it isn’t really all that serious. A recent snowstorm that struck the New England region dumped about a foot of snow in and around where I live. Listening to the news, you’d think we were enduring one of the worst weather events of all time. If I had a nickel for all the 12 inch deep snowfalls I’ve seen in my life, I’d have enough money to buy a nice meal I suspect. But our collective consciousness seems unable to cast itself back very far anymore and so we live in a bubble of emotional manipulation that inhibits our ability to garner anything of value from that which has come before.
You can see more of this article in our April 2017 issue of ModelsMania

How to Train and Become the Best Motocross Racer


Motocross is one of the most demanding sports out there. It requires endurance, strength, focus and flexibility. Whether you want to try out motocross for the first time or bring your competitive level up a notch, it is imperative that you train hard for it. After all, you can’t expect to be the next Carmichael without preparing for it. Even the pros themselves believe that training for motocross is an integral part of being the best rider.
Motocross appeals to both the spectators and the riders. It’s a great sport with an outstanding entertainment value. People like the intensity of stunts and adrenaline-laden tricks. If you aspire to becoming an excellent motocross rider, the training that you need to do depends on what your goals are. Are you a newbie who wants to make successfully jumps without falling or getting injured? Or are you a seasoned rider who can make the perfect corners even with eyes close?
Now, imagine the demands this sport requires on your body. You need to have strong legs and arms to control a powerful dirt bike. The jumps and turns also require focus and mental fitness. Indeed, no matter which level of motocross you are in, you need to be prepared to train. And this not just include the obvious physical aspect. In motocross, you also need to mentally prepare for the obstacles and challenges ahead.
To get you started on the ultimate training to become the best motocross rider, here are the top training tips you need to keep in mind.
Been wanting to make the perfect jumps, corners and whoops? Nothing sets you on the right path to motocross training as much as practice can. In order to really excel on something, you have to do it repeatedly, bringing each practice to a new level.
Additionally, practice lets you get to know your bike better. The more you keep riding, the more you know how your bike reacts to certain situations. And when you know how your bike reacts, you also learn to develop your own techniques to cope with certain challenges.
Don’t be frustrated if you can’t perfect the stunts in a few tries. That’s why it’s called practice after all. You need to devote a thousand hours doing the same thing until you finally get it. Many riders also practice just by driving and outpacing each other on the track, and that on its own, is already great practice.
You can read more of this article in our April 2017 issue of ModelsMania

Drugs and Alcohol in the Modeling Industry


The modeling industry is a paradox. On the outside, it is a world of glamour and excess. Oftentimes in its underbelly, however, is an overly competitive world where the highs are absolute highs and the lows are downright dirt deep.
To keep up with the competition, many designers and models turn to illegal or prescription drugs such as diet pills to dodge gaining extra weight while working all night for a busy show. New York Fashion Week, for example, where a model’s workday goes for more than twelve hours, is known to fashion insiders as high time for cocaine abuse especially during the after parties.
The pressure does not only come from inside the industry. On the other end of the printed photos and catwalks are the admiring fans who see these models as image of perfection. It is a double edged sword injuring the models for the pressures and expectations, and the fans for having a distorted image of beauty.
This is why it is not surprising that the fashion industry is one of the biggest markets for drug peddlers. Although this issue is usually swept under the rug, and big executives will never admit to how prevalent it has become in the industry, a number of fashion editors, stylists, and models have stepped out and admitted to having witnessed this drug abuse.
The Role of Management and Agents
Tess Daly, a retired model and now a British presenter admitted to witnessing the drug abuse during her time. She revealed in an interview with Mirror that she recalls seeing supermodels going to the toilets together to use drugs.
Daly also spoke about how her own management had put her into the habit of using drugs. In the industry, it is seen as a means of socializing or ‘fitting in’ particularly with the agent who secured the job for the model.
Janice Dickinson, known as the self-proclaimed first supermodel, admitted on the show Celebrity Rehab to abusing drugs during her career’s prime. Now 60, she recounted how there were plenty of alcohol and drugs available at every photo shoots she booked. She shared her experiences on working long hours during the day and going out at night with her promoters and managers to binge on more alcohol and drugs.
These witness accounts are further proven by other models who are either in denial of their addiction or are putting efforts into rehabilitation to get their lives back on track. Among these known figures include Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Gimenez, Naomi Campbell, Jael Strauss, Jaime King, Kate Moss, Kristen Dunst, and Paris Hilton to name a few.
You can read more of this article in our April 2017 issue of ModelsMania

Alize Levy Music Interview


How old were you when you started getting involved in music?
Well I penned my first song aged 6! It was 3 pages long and had no chorus LOL. I released my first song in 2002 it was a track called Chocolate Loving. My father didn’t approve of the initial lyrical content and forbid me to record it, but he was so proud of me when he heard it on the radio and that Greensleeves Records had signed it.

Do you have any favorite songs that you like to sing, or hum, when you are by yourself, during quiet times, and are not performing?
Deborah Cox – Sound of My Tears,Sade – King Of Sorrow,Donaeo – Watching Her Move

Do you try to give messages in your songs? And if so, what are they?
I have written songs that were about pivotal turning points in my life. I just didn’t realize this until after I’d finished the track and I was asked what it was about. Take “I’m Not A Victim” for instance I’ve been through a lot of bad situations in my life but I’m not going to live my life like the victim of those past circumstances, if I did… I would be a victim

When did you decide you wanted music to be your career?
Its ingrained in my genes, Having watched my father tour the world over. So I had a natural yearning from a young age, music made me feel things and I loved that feeling. It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.
What are your goals/dreams in life?
To become a real success in my own right. I know it’s really cliche but I’d love to crack the US market which isn’t as far a dream for me as all my album sales were US based.

Besides singing, where else does your creativity take form?
Well writing is my main creative platform. I’ve also acted before which I love! It gives my alter ego something fun and challenging to do LOL

What emotions do you like to sing? Why?
I’m very drawn to sad emotions, I express them easiest. As a child I was the same in regards to what songs I was captivated by. Why….? I guess that’s just the way I am. I love being happy but I like feeling sad… It seems to inspire me most.(Strange I know)

If you could do anything else for a living, what would it be? Why?
Hmmm it’d either be an Actress or a Dominatrix Hahahaha both appeal to my alter ego! I like getting into character and being someone else for a while I guess, plus I have a very dominant side the idea of whipping a man into submission sounds great lol..I don’t put up with nonsense EVER…
Is there any other (style) of music you wish you could sing?
I wanted to do Neo Soul when I started out to be honest but my first manager said there was no money in that genre… How wrong he was! So I suppose Neo Soul… I feel like I’ve ignored my true calling.

Would you ever sing with a group?
I have tried in the past but I’m quite reclusive sometime so I’m not sure I’d be well suited. They’d have to be an amazing bunch of girls.

When you perform, what does it feel like to be on stage in front of people?
OMG if stage fright could kill loooool. I’m a nervous nightmare at first. Literally I can’t even talk to anyone. But once I’m into my set I basque in the crowds energy

What else do you enjoy doing besides singing and performing?
I love traveling! I’m very spontaneous to the point that I’d just see a picture of somewhere that looks interesting and I’m gone the next day! I’ve been known to do that. Besides that trying out new exotic foods or trying out new things. I get bored of the norm and routine.

If you could go open up for any artist on tour right now who would it be?
Beyonce or Rihanna!!

Our 2017-2018 Car Preview




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It’s a Matter of Perception


It is often that I hear someone praise a particular restaurant’s food as being superb, and in a related conversation some time later, another person say something like “I have no idea what that guy is talking about. I thought our meal tonight was terrible”. A person will look at a morning sky, ablaze with reds and oranges and be filled with the wonder of nature’s artistry, while another person will find their heart clouded with the foreboding of the old saw “red sky at morning, sailor take warning”. Some people see glasses that are half full, while others see glasses on their way to being empty. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There are endless wise sayings to explain the reality of how very different any given viewpoint is to each and every person. So it goes with the very nature of human perception of the world around them.
One of the most unique, fantastic and problematic qualities of humanity is its complicated psychology which dictates how we interact with the world around us. As a result, people see actions and hear language through the distinctive filter of how their brain is constructed added to the layers of experience that cause their mind to evolve and change. One person might find joy at the sound of fireworks being set off while those same sounds can cause painfully intense anguish in another person. The soft sound of wind in autumn leaves might be soothing to one person and leave another with the vaguely unsettled emotion of loss. The very nature of individualism as part of the core of our species makes a disparate grasp of what occurs in day to day life inescapable and the likelihood of dissension in such interpretations very probable. But it is a pair of distinctly human characteristics that can help us surmount the challenges of a psychological Tower of Babel.
Humankind is the one class of animal on Earth that has the method of communication that we do. Other species in the Animal Kingdom can communicate, but not with WORDS. Our language is word-based, each expression having a distinct meaning, many words having multiple meanings and the arrangement of syntax can convey a wide variety of messages, most of which come with powerful emotional connotations.
You can read more of this article in our March 2017 issue of ModelsMania

Why Nothing Celebrities Do Is Impressive, Inspiring, Brave Or Any Of That


If you’re like most people, then odds are you look up to a Hollywood celebrity like Ryan Gosling. And why not? He’s got great abs, great hair, and best of all, he’s Canadian. Or maybe it’s Beyoncé you idolize; she’s so fierce and strong! What a woman. Or perhaps Ryan Reynolds? He’s Canadian, too, you know. What about Johnny Depp? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with his inspiring instagram posts from the gym at 3:30am, or whenever he wakes up to eat raw eggs, what about him? All pretty impressive folks, right? Wrong. They’re not. They’re not impressive. Want to know why? Because these people, these celebrities, they all make 50 million dollars a year. Do you know how easy it would be to get over an eating disorder if you made 50 million dollars a year? How gladly and readily you would leap out of bed at the crack of dawn to greet the day and hit the gym? What, for the rest of us, is a daily rite of existential suffering as we peel ourselves out of nonexistence in order to endure another sixteen hours of relentless tedium, is, to these people, an actual joy, consisting of freedom and opportunity the likes of which we could only dream of (which, coincidentally, is precisely why we don’t enjoy waking up).
Take, for example, the rabid ferocity with which we engorged ourselves on those god-awful celebrity lip-syncing shows. “Oh my God,” we would say, “that’s so funny! The Rock is lip-syncing to Britney Spears! He’s so big and muscular, and a man, and she’s a woman!” Or “look at that Emma Stone, my goodness isn’t she just so bold and confident up there, singing a song traditionally sung by a manly man. Gosh, she’s so secure with who she is, I really look up to that!” Yes, well, I hate to break it to you but being zany and ridiculous on live television is literally the easiest thing on the planet to do, and it gets exponentially easier when you get paid 50 million dollars for it. They aren’t even singing! They’re not doing anything! They’re just mouthing the words! It took them an hour to learn that, meted out over the course of three days’ worth of showers! These celebrity lip-syncing shows are most of what’s wrong with America today. Thirteen of the United States’ sixteen (or is it seventeen?) intelligence divisions have unilaterally confirmed that celebrity lip-syncing shows are responsible for both ISIS and cancer in children. Yet we still consume them en masse like nothing so much as a pack of starving hyenas, yapping and jabbering as we lap up the flesh from the bones of what was once a great country.
You can read more of this article in our March 2017 issue of ModelsMania