The Primal Pull of Spring
Model – Kelsi De Joux The Return of Spring has a way of reaching into the darkest and mostly deeply buried corners of Man’s distant past and his pagan roots, searching for secrets that we don’t want to admit are lurking there. Prior to the advent of Christianity and... Read more
Bre McGinness of Fitness Balanced
Prior to the 1960s, most women led lives that centered around “children, kitchen and church” as the old saying once went. It was the time-honored social construct of women managing the domestic sphere while men earned a living in the work world. But by the late 1960s, that paradigm... Read more
Spring’s Undeniable Romance
Model – Absinthe Heart Spring brings a change to the hearts of Men and Women, which become as cold as the short, miserable days of January. The very nature of Winter is that grim battle to evade the icy touch of those dark and gloomy days. So we wrap... Read more
The Swimsuit Model
The swimsuit is among the most demanding of mainstream outerwear. On average it reveals more of the body than any other ensemble. In some instances a swimsuit reveals as much or more than the undergarments of a typical wardrobe. Despite its seasonality in much of the world and its... Read more
Real Estate Photography –Tips for Creative and Attractive Photos for Your Real Estate Listings
Whether you’re a home seller, a real estate agent or a photographer, you know that an attractive and compelling photo of the property is a great advantage of getting it sold quickly. People who browse through real estate listing don’t just get disinterested when there are no photos of... Read more
Summer Travel Deals
Summer is just around the corner but you still haven’t decided where your next holiday is going to be! Money is tight, but you can’t just stay home and not go anywhere to relax and get the routine off your back. So here are some ideas for the best... Read more
Five Reasons You Suck at Golfing
There are probably about five reasons you suck at golfing and here’s a list of those five that will help you get on your way to a better golf game. 1.Your Grip. Your grip is the first place you need to start to get an actual hand at what’s... Read more
Artist Interview with Rose Cora Perry
Photography by “Mystery Man Photography” How long have you been involved in the music industry? I have been performing since I was four and writing songs since I was seven. However, it wasn’t until I reached my early teens that I got involved with my first rock band and... Read more
The Popularity Contest
“The Pressure to Keep Up and Conform” Written by Rick Trottier – RJT Images Our social existence begins in a bubble of ego-centrism imposed upon us by the stages of growth that our brains must pass through on the journey to becoming a fully functioning human being. Most of... Read more
Selfie with Animals: Drawing the Line Between Taking Harmless Photos and Selfish Selfies
A 29-year old Irish photographer Alan Dixon has earned the title ‘real-life Dr. Dolittle’ after taking selfies with animals who appear to be posing for the camera. He said in an interview that people should be careful not to upset or provoke the animal in the process of taking... Read more