Living Forever – Digitally and Virtually
The topic of immortality has been endlessly broached in different medium – visual arts, literature and science. It seemed like human developed a penchant for an endless and undying life. For some, it is as simple as retaining the look and vigor of the youth and while for others,... Read more
The Future of Social Media
Social media has come a long way since the dorm room launch of Facebook just ten years ago, with the term now encompassing a wide-ranging set of channels where everything from photos, to status updates and spontaneous events can now be shared globally with just a touch of a... Read more
Jump Start The Sex

Jump Start The Sex

Sexy Room April 24, 2015

Whether you’re newly-weds looking for spectacular fireworks in beginning of your marriage or a two-decade old couple who has somehow lost some of the spark, rekindling the fire in your sex life is an essential part in your loving relationship. For some couples, the flame stays even after numerous... Read more
Diversity Comes to Modeling
“The New Frontier in the Industry” It doesn’t matter the decade in which you came of age. From the 1960s to fairly recently, almost all images of models, whether it was those in fashion catalogs all the way to those of men’s magazines, showed a very specific type of... Read more
Digging for Gold in Australia
Australia has long been a draw for those seeking to make their fortunes from the gold deposits which lie deep beneath the country’s rugged landscape, with many travelling from around the world in pursuit of their dream. The main gold rushes occurred after 1851, as prior to this the... Read more
Mind-Blowing Sex Tips for Couples
When you’ve come to learn the essence of sex to your life and relationship, you also begin to consider to stay on top, pun intended, of you performance so you and your partner gets the best sex every time. Whether you’re in a decade old relationship with your spouse... Read more
The Shiny New Toy Syndrome
The gleaming, glorious Matchbox Race Car beckons to him from the display case sitting up high on the counter, like an altar where beauty is enshrined. The little boy presses closer, trying to merge his being with the space where his desire awaits. His face is glowing with anticipation... Read more
Upcoming Comic Book Releases
The next few months promise to be exciting times in the world of comic books, with a number of new titles released alongside plenty of returning heroes and movie and game tie-ins from both the major publishers and the smaller indies.  Here, we take a quick look at some... Read more
How Zombies Wormed Their Way to the Modern Culture
Often depicted as mindless corpses that seek out living flesh for their consumption and survival, zombies have infiltrated the 21st century pop culture. Zombies are associated as creatures with decaying flesh, sometimes randomly protruding bones and oozing blood controlled by a master: a virus, sorcery or dark magic. But what... Read more
Making the Most Money in 2015
The economy continues to chug along clumsily throwing an axe to conventional job opportunities and felling individual finances. However, opportunities for making extra money do exist, they simply require looking at business from a different perspective or taking the step out of the conceived comfort zone in order to... Read more