Streaming as the Future of Music
Music has always been an integral part of the human life. It is a form of expression; a way to convey message. But the simple plucking on the strings, thumping on the drums and blowing on the winds has come a long way. Today, music is a global; multi-billion... Read more
2015/16 NHL Preview

2015/16 NHL Preview

Sports November 29, 2015

This is the NHL’s 99th season and the Chicago Blackhawks enter it as the league’s reigning Stanley Cup champions. The season wraps up on April 9th with the playoffs beginning four days later. There are a couple of major rule changes this season which will see coaches have the... Read more
Sex Slavery  in America
When Americans hear about sex slavery, they usually think of countries such as Thailand, Korea, and other nations in the east well-known for lucrative, no-so-secret sex trade industries. The fact is, America has a thriving sex trade of its own, and it is taking place under our own noses.... Read more


Sexy Room November 29, 2015

Human sexuality, as we all know, has evolved throughout history and today, sexuality has become more and more complex. People tend to want to label or sort of put a box around sexual preference, but sexuality is much more complex than simply sorting it in boxes or labeling it.... Read more
Using Bliotherapy to Increase Your Libido
Erotic literature has existed since man first learned how to convey his thoughts through drawing or writing. One of the most well-known erotic poets was Ovid, who was known for his works that extend through meeting his mistress for the first time, through their tempestuous relationship, and after he... Read more
Fracking for Gas and Coal Seam Gas
We use and consume natural gas, including shale gas and coal seam gas in a variety of ways. We use natural gas in the form of electricity, to cook our meals, heat our homes and aid in major manufacturing industries like plastic, fertilizers and metals and minerals. Although natural... Read more
Cults and Satanism in the World
From ancient times people have been curious about the unknown. It is in the human nature to try finding out explanations for mysterious things or happenings. It is a general truth that everyone believes in something and through that faith they search for reasons why certain things happen. Weather... Read more
A Look Inside Medical Corruption
The medical and healthcare sector is one of the largest in the world, but it is also one of the most plagued with corruption. Corruption denies appropriate and quality health care to patients while giving the corrupt more authority to abuse powers and increase personal gains. Unfortunately, corruption can... Read more
The practice of harvesting organs
Replacement of a diseased organ increases life expectancy and improves overall well-being of many patients with kidney, heart, or liver failure. Although patients with kidney failure can be treated by dialysis, the best solution for them would be getting a new kidney. When having liver, heart and / or... Read more
The Popularity of Webcam Modeling in Russia
“International dating service offers girls a great chance to earn some money,” “Recruitment agency has an interesting well-paid online job for pretty girls and handsome guys,” “Young women and men of typical appearance are required for webcam model positions” – you come across such ads in printed and online... Read more