Video Games  and What They Do to Your Brain
Video gaming is now a multi-million dollar industry engaging 155 million Americans as regular gamers, according to the Entertainment Software Association. Video games have become part of our culture and the technological developments on both software and hardware only embed them further into our lives. Past researches tell us... Read more
The Welcome Caress of Seduction
Model: Chrissy Victoria Most people mistakenly believe Seduction means to be lured down a dark path that leads to something inherently naughty where a person’s honor is besmirched and their soul is stained. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Certainly once you are “seduced by the Dark Side... Read more
The Future of Boxing

The Future of Boxing

Sports November 29, 2015

According to critics of the sport, boxing is close to death and has been for several years now. However, it’s hard for fans to swallow that theory as record purses and pay-per-view sales have been set on an annual basis. The latest big-money fight between undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr.... Read more
The Judgmental Age
Our world is soaring into the 21st century and, for all intents and purposes, humanity should be leaving behind more primitive forms of thinking and progressing into a more civilized state of being. Common sense and the accepted paradigm suggest that humans have spent many hundreds of thousands, if... Read more
The world’s best dance music festivals
A trip to Coachella festival in Los Angeles, Sonar in Barcelona and iTunes Festival in London is a dream of thousands of music lovers around the world. Tickets for these influential global platforms are snapped up in a few days, and their line-ups are truly perfect. Choose your place... Read more
The Popularity of Women Super Heroes
Female super heroes may not be present in as much abundance as their male counterpart, but that handful of comic book heroines are some of the most memorable and popular characters that have been committed to paper. Their popularity spans across the board with some of the most famous... Read more
What’s Your Mission?
“The Importance of Professional Vision” Mankind is the one and only creature on the planet capable of truly rational thought, examining ideas, making value judgments and drawing logical conclusions. While emotions are a large part of our daily actions and choices, our ability to assess, evaluate and choose based... Read more
Streaming as the Future of Music
Music has always been an integral part of the human life. It is a form of expression; a way to convey message. But the simple plucking on the strings, thumping on the drums and blowing on the winds has come a long way. Today, music is a global; multi-billion... Read more
2015/16 NHL Preview

2015/16 NHL Preview

Sports November 29, 2015

This is the NHL’s 99th season and the Chicago Blackhawks enter it as the league’s reigning Stanley Cup champions. The season wraps up on April 9th with the playoffs beginning four days later. There are a couple of major rule changes this season which will see coaches have the... Read more
Sex Slavery  in America
When Americans hear about sex slavery, they usually think of countries such as Thailand, Korea, and other nations in the east well-known for lucrative, no-so-secret sex trade industries. The fact is, America has a thriving sex trade of its own, and it is taking place under our own noses.... Read more