How to Make the Best Grilled Steaks


It’s Sunday. You decide to call over your friends for a BBQ party, but you’re not really sure how to make the best grilled steaks, like the ones you get at a fancy restaurant and makes you travel to heaven! Here it is! How to make the best grilled steak, everything from seasoning to how thick it’s supposed to be and what cooking technique will guarantee you the best result.
Let’s start with the simple stuff. Going to the butcher, you see so many different kinds of meat and different parts of meat from the same animal. So, how do you know which part would make the best grilled steak? For a tender steak, the right meat part is anything from the ribs, loins and the back of the steer. More specifically: rib eyes, porterhouses, strip steaks, T-bones, chateaubriand and of course, filet mignon. These parts, are the most expensive ones you can find, but you know what they say: the best ingredients make the best meals!
Next we have to cover the thickness of the steak. First of all ask your butcher to cut your steaks in a way that they are identical in the matter of thickness. Now the ideal thickness for a perfect grilled steak would be 1 ½” thick or even 2”, but unfortunately most grocery stores sell thinner steaks. So you’ll have to ask your butcher to cut the steak you choose, that thick. The steaks should weight around ¾ pound per adult, for steaks with bone and ½ pound for boneless steaks. Make sure you buy a little bit more just in case and don’t worry if they get left over, because then you can use them to make the best sandwich with grilled steak, for next day’s lunch.
Do not use a marinara sauce! This is very important if you want to achieve a great steak. You might think that if you do marinate the steak, then it will become tastier, but that’s not true. The taste of a marinara sauce will cover up the beautiful taste of a steak, they don’t tenderize the meat enough to be worth it and they don’t penetrate very far unlike the salt that melts and penetrates into the meat. But most importantly, marinara prevents crust formation which is a must. So as far as seasoning goes, salt and pepper will do more than enough, but make sure you season both sides and let the salt and pepper sink in for at least an hour and a half in the fridge.
Start getting your grill ready. Once the grill is on, push the coals to the one side (for gas grills, you just have to turn off all the burners except one or two). Using a thermometer, try to get the part of the grill without the coals to 225°F, this is your indirect heat zone. Place the meat on the indirect zone and add wood, but don’t forget to leave the lit down.
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A Real Lightsaber


Disney plans to build a real, functional Star Wars lightsaber to enhance the audience experience in its upcoming Star Wars attractions. Right now, Star Wars parks are rising in Orlando, Florida, and in Anaheim, California. The two are 14-acres each in size and will offer two signature rides. These are the Millennium Falcon, and an encounter between the Resistance fighters and the New Order troops. The patent to develop a working lightsaber was filed one year before the purchase of the lands set aside for the Star Wars project.

The Primal Pull of Spring


Model – Kelsi De Joux
The Return of Spring has a way of reaching into the darkest and mostly deeply buried corners of Man’s distant past and his pagan roots, searching for secrets that we don’t want to admit are lurking there. Prior to the advent of Christianity and for Millennia before, Spring was the time of the ultimate and most emotionally charged celebrations. Another Winter and had come and gone and the time of dearth and dread was past. Warmth, light, and growth had returned and the weight of the grim struggle for survival was briefly eased. Spring meant a gentler time that slid into the High Days of Summer with so much promise and positive outlook. Merriments at the Vernal Equinox and May Day codified that sense of renewed purpose and profuse thanks for living through yet another Time when Darkness ruled the land.
Each and every blossom that burgeons and flourishes towards fruit ignites a spark in the collective mind and soul of humanity, filling the heart with wonder that sometimes is beyond rational explanation. But our racial memory knows why we are so very tantalized by Spring’s Dawning. Game returns to the woodlands and meadows, fish surge up the streams and revisit shallow seaside coves, just as roots and herbs are accessible again now that the ground is warming and moist soil rich with life awakens. The awful time of want, when Autumn’s Harvest dwindled and ran dry is past and the pangs of hunger are soon to be over. As we step outside into the fresh air and warm sunshine, our hearts lift without full understanding of why something deeply familiar is triggered in our thoughts by Spring’s scents of freshness and cleanliness. But getting out of the communal or clan hovel meant a reprieve from disease and icy chill, both of which were the watchwords of the long, dreadful stretches of Winter when pestilence reached with rotting, skeletal fingers, empowered by the frozen and short days of the Dark Time. Spring’s arrival brings with it a sense of Rebirth and Joy unlike any other at any time of the Year. And it it was once celebrated with all manner of rites and festivals, all of which would be buried with time under shrouds of civilization that we wear to mask who and what we really are.
No matter how sophisticated and cultured we supposedly have become, Spring puts us in touch with a past that is engrained in our spirits that can never truly be erased by the veneer of progress. Science tells us that Man is an animal, akin to all the mammalian species on Earth. But it is our sense of the past that reminds us just how true that kinship is.
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Bre McGinness of Fitness Balanced


Prior to the 1960s, most women led lives that centered around “children, kitchen and church” as the old saying once went. It was the time-honored social construct of women managing the domestic sphere while men earned a living in the work world. But by the late 1960s, that paradigm was tested by the immense cultural changes of that era and by the 1970s and 1980s the gender/social landscape had radically changed. Women were being told they could “have it all” and professional women were juggling careers and family life in a dance that seemed to be more frenetic than anything seen before. By the end of the Millennium, the New World of women “having it all” was being challenged as detrimental to emotional and physical health of females and their children and new patterns began to emerge. Choosing from any of the existing archetypes or creating your own was the new watch word of what women wanted out of life. And one of the best examples of someone who is molding a life out of some seemingly disparate but fabulously integrated elements is Bre McGinness. Bre has been a regular part of Modelsmania for a few years, as a model and also as a writer for the fitness column “the Health Corner”. She is a brand new mother, has a Fitness Studio called Fitness Balanced that has moved into a brand new location and is newly returned to modeling after nearly two years of absence. Her life is as full and fast-paced as anyone’s could be, but there is more joy and delight than ever in her experience. Modelsmania Magazine sits down and talks with Bre about all the varied corners of her busy days.
1)You have one of the richest lives out there between your fitness career and modeling. How has becoming a mother and starting a family made it richer?
I have always been very grateful for both my fitness and modeling careers, but having a child has only made that feeling stronger. I see the world entirely different since becoming a mother, never taking the little things for granted. I have more ambition now to advance my career than ever before, not for myself, but for my family. I am also more appreciative of the opportunities that have come my way.
2)What is the one thing about being a mother that you want the world to know about that you hope will make lives better?
Becoming a mother is one of the most empowering things a woman can do. My confidence level has skyrocketed and I feel I can conquer the world. I have a deep appreciation for what a women’s body is capable of, and that translates into more self-esteem than I ever imagined possible. I would love mothers out there to know that they are beautiful and deserve to feel that way!
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Spring’s Undeniable Romance


Model – Absinthe Heart
Spring brings a change to the hearts of Men and Women, which become as cold as the short, miserable days of January. The very nature of Winter is that grim battle to evade the icy touch of those dark and gloomy days. So we wrap ourselves in blankets, bundle up in thick, warm clothes, barricade ourselves in our dwellings, eat “comfort” food, do little and wait with baited breath for Spring’s arrival. And as such, we lose touch with our sensual sides, the aspects of our hearts and minds that celebrate sexuality, confidence and the desire to attract the attention of the opposite gender. But like all facets of our humanity, what is lost is soon to be rediscovered when the proper stimulus is proffered. Spring comes with stimuli aplenty and we respond in like tone.
Spring stealthily arrives in the beginning days and brings with it stronger sun, warmer temperatures, green grass, bright flowers and budding trees. Men think of getting outside and playing sports like golf or baseball, going fishing or hiking. Women enjoy some or all of these pastimes too, but women think in ways unfathomable and alien to men, one of which is what clothing to adorn their beauty now that Spring is here. Some of the reasons for wearing new garb is simply to assuage that never-ending and inexorable pull to feel pretty, which is at the heart of being a woman. But another reason why women spend time and effort aplenty to find just the right Spring attire is to capture the attention of Men, hold that attention in absolute assuredness that it cannot be broken by any force in nature and then wind that interest tightly with promises of romance, passion and love.
And so the Spring landscape is dotted with flowers galore and with feminine blossoms showing more skin than has been seen since last summer. Pretty dresses, playful tops and sexy shorts, all carefully considered to best showcase the strengths of any woman’s arsenal of beauty are unleashed with flair and spirit upon the brighter days after the Equinox. And Men respond, as heads turn sharply, eyes widen, breathing rates increase and blood pulses through all the vessels of the body. It is a tantalizing game of catch as catch can, but one with purpose and an important part of the plan of Nature and Life. For just as wildlife begin their mating season, Men and Women engage in a dance as old as time but updated by the nuances of popular culture and the material world.
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The Swimsuit Model


The swimsuit is among the most demanding of mainstream outerwear. On average it reveals more of the body than any other ensemble. In some instances a swimsuit reveals as much or more than the undergarments of a typical wardrobe. Despite its seasonality in much of the world and its very specialized use, swimwear remains an important section of the garment / clothing industry. Within France alone in 1999 a total of eight point two million pieces were sold. That represented approximately twenty percent of France’s sportswear sales for the year. Now, consider that 1999 was not a good year for swimsuit purchases. Sales in that year were actually down from the year before.
Vigilante about nutrition, exercise and appearance; comfortable with their bodies; often capable and intelligent beyond the reality of their chosen career; hardworking and devoted to their careers, the career of a model is often more like living a life rather than working a job. Each choice in their life possibly impacting the condition they may be in at the time of the next photo shoot. Their job is to be there and to display. Their status and the role in society that their career has developed into has become more than just that though. They are placed in a position where individuals outside the modeling world may think little of subjecting them to personal scrutiny, and they are sometimes held to exacting position of being role models for individuals who are developing.
How is it that these two can be combined and maintain the intention of public display some ask. How does one begin to enter into such a life; is this simply something that happens to them? What comes after that?
What is Swimsuit Modeling?
Swimsuit modeling is to many something very different than what might be called fashion modeling or even what is known as fitness modeling. There is something comfortable about those other two classes of modeling for most while swimsuit modeling has or lacks something that makes it troubling to some individuals and groups. In fitness perhaps it is the muscles and the focus on the physical act of exercise that puts at ease the same observers mind that is troubled by swimsuit models. Perhaps with fashion, the focus on the clothing comforts these specific observers, maybe the quantity of the material used creates a definiteness of the focus on fashion in their minds. In cases of bareness in fashion the general custom and pomp that recontextualizes the image of the body may create a less shocking experience. It seems it may not be a case of either or some much as a case of some things not being present and in addition other things being present and in the front ground. Whatever it is that soothes many when viewing high-fashion and fitness models and is not there in swimsuit modeling photos is perhaps magnified by the presence of things that are not present in other modeling.
A palpable sex is said by some to be conveyed in some swimsuit model shoots. The swimsuit itself is reminiscent of the designs of undergarments and this as well as other factors likely contribute to the association. Many swimsuits are scant and revealing. The poses of the models are sometimes of the sort that may be considered provocative to some individuals. There is no context, and this lack of any definite guidance to interpretation may be what allows the mind to so easily seek out that other and quite similar context. Beyond a swim suit being there, the amount of context present in a fashion show, an action fashion shot, a fitness or fashion shot or an action fitness or fashion shot is generally not present in the swimsuit photos of today. Rarely if ever do you see a swimsuit photo shot of a model diving into a pool or swimming. The beach is common, but often the poses are not related to typical beach action. The models are often aware of the camera and actively displaying themselves as much as the swimwear as they interact with the camera.
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Real Estate Photography –Tips for Creative and Attractive Photos for Your Real Estate Listings


Whether you’re a home seller, a real estate agent or a photographer, you know that an attractive and compelling photo of the property is a great advantage of getting it sold quickly. People who browse through real estate listing don’t just get disinterested when there are no photos of the property, but they also get suspicious. However, a mere photo simply won’t cut it. Every day, thousands of new properties are being placed into the market and the best way to get noticed is to present beautiful photos.
The truth is, there’s more to real estate photography than what you see from home and lifestyle magazines and websites. The photographer must have the perfect mixture of science and art as far as capturing properties into photos are concerned. A home seller may be more concerned about the end results of the process, but most of the work simply lies on the photographer’s shoulders.
Whether you’re considering starting a career in professional real estate photography or simply want to take better pictures of your home for sale, there are certain things about this discipline that you need to know and understand first.
The Equipment You Need
Obviously, you will need a camera. However, if you want to get a little more serious about real estate photography, you need more than a smartphone or digital point-and-shoot. It is ideal to use a digital SLR camera as it comes with an army of manual and automatic features and settings that will help you achieve better photos. Furthermore, most DSLR cameras have interchangeable lenses so you can change and attach the appropriate lens for a given situation.
Most of the expert real estate photographers agree that you will mostly need a wide angle lens. These lenses can make a small space seem big and spacious in photos. However, you need to be careful when picking the appropriate lens and not mislead the buying public about the real dimensions of the space. To start, consider getting one of the following: Canon 10-22mm, Nikon 10-24mm and Canon 17-40mm wide angle lenses.
Shooting static objects like real estate also demand precision and sharpness and it’s almost impossible to achieve that without a trusty tripod. Mounting your camera on the tripod provides stability so you can use slower shutter speeds and not having to worry about shakes and blurry results. A tripod is also very important when shooting exactly the same space with different exposures which you may intend to post-process later on.
Prepping up the Space
Hopefully, you already have a solid idea of what the client wants and have gone to the property at least once just to check and have the space prepared. You don’t want to show up on the shoot and spend half of your working time cleaning the house! You should communicate to the owner or real estate agent that the space should already be cleaned and clutter-free before the shoot to save you both time and money.
You may still make modifications on the arrangement if you feel that the space don’t look and feel right. Maybe a huge sofa is blocking the view to the window or the second lamp makes the whole picture redundant. If it’s going to make the photos better, add, remove or eliminate certain things from the picture.
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Summer Travel Deals


Summer is just around the corner but you still haven’t decided where your next holiday is going to be! Money is tight, but you can’t just stay home and not go anywhere to relax and get the routine off your back. So here are some ideas for the best summer deals 2016. The following places are just proposals, just to give you an idea of what you should be looking for, in order to have an inexpensive holiday.
Camping is and probably always will be the most economical option for holidays. So here are some places where you can go camping this year:
Firstly, from my own personal experience I highly recommend a Greek island called Samothrace. Samothrace is the ideal island for vacation with very few expenses. It has a small town that you can see in just one day. But the main parts and attractions of the island are the naturally formed lakes in which end the waters of waterfalls, these lakes are called “Vathres.” More than 100 in that small island and each one more beautiful than the other, their cold waters do not stop the visitors from swimming and enjoying a very refreshing dive. Most people stay in “Therma,” a small community that also has public baths. In Therma, free camping is very common in the forest just above the beach and in the mountain in which it leads you to the “Vathres.” So if you are up to climbing to enjoy the cold fresh waters of the mountain, Samothrace is the place to be!
If you are looking for a more populated place to rest for this year’s vacation, then Praia de Melides beach in Portugal is the right option. The beautiful sandy beach backed by pine forests gives an ethereal touch while the beach cafes add a civilized feeling. Along the sugary sands there are hidden camping spots for you to discover and set your tent. In case you want a change of scenery, there are plenty of other beaches to visit, such as Comporta Beach and Praia da Aberta Nova. In just 26.3 km there is the city of Grandola in which you can visit the Mining Museum Lousal and the Troia Golf Course. Then in the evening you can enjoy a lovely dinner at Restaurante a Espiga or A Talha de Azeite, two of the best restaurants in the city of Grandola.
If you live in the USA or you want to go there for your vacation, Naples, Florida just might be the ideal place for you. Florida has a ton of state parks where you can spend the night either in a tent or a cabin, but Birdon Road is a free campsite just 37.7 miles away from Naples. Once you’ve settled you can start your vacation by making a trip to Naples Beach and then visit Naples Botanical Garden. In the evening you can go to Naples Pier to watch the sunset and later go for dinner at the Rip Tide Brewing Company or Third Street South. There also a lot of parks that you can visit such as Cambier Park and Freedom Park.
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Five Reasons You Suck at Golfing


There are probably about five reasons you suck at golfing and here’s a list of those five that will help you get on your way to a better golf game.
1.Your Grip. Your grip is the first place you need to start to get an actual hand at what’s going wrong in your golfing routine. Many people start their grip off in a weak position, resulting in hitting weak shots. The trick in getting the right grip on your club is to treat it as if you were holding a hammer or a baseball bat; your hand should be in more of a fist shape rather than if it were shaking someone’s hand. Your grip shouldn’t be turned too much over toward the left, for a right-handed grip or too much to the right for a left-handed grip. Experiment with the positioning of your hand with short shots until you get a solid, straight, strong shot.
2.Your Swing. Contrary to common belief, while swinging the club, keeping your head down and keeping your eye on the ball is not the best way to swing the ball in reality. In order to pivot and swing correctly, you need to give your body a definite weight shift as you’re swinging. Stabilize your right leg, turn your right shoulder back and match your left shoulder to face a little behind the position of the ball. Your head will rotate a bit, but you’ll still be looking at the golf ball, by keeping your eyes down, without your head remaining stationary. Keeping your head down actually causes the problem since your shoulder gets trapped under your chin and you never finish your backswing. Your swing will go further by allowing your body to swing full to the left instead of sliding or bending your left arm and by giving yourself a definite weight shift. Learn to use your entire body, not only your arms. Remember to keep good posture by leading the body forward from the hip, because the body can only turn around on it’s spinal axes if the back is straight.
3.Aiming to the Right. You may think you’re aiming straight at your target, but there’s a 90% chance that you’re actually aiming to the right. When aiming for your shot, you should have a routine and first thing you should do is aim down your target line. Stand back behind your golf ball and pick out a target line. In order to make sure you’re going to aim the club at the target, you should pick a spot on that target line a few feet away from your ball that will give you a straight line. Then, walk in, focus on that point, and aim your golf club at that point. Position your feet to create a parallel line with your target line. Open shoulders and a short body turn leads to a slice. Try to aim straight at your target point with your shoulders square, then turn your body to lead your arms and hands through the swing, bringing your shoulders back square to the target at impact for a straight shot.
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Artist Interview with Rose Cora Perry


Photography by “Mystery Man Photography”

How long have you been involved in the music industry?
I have been performing since I was four and writing songs since I was seven. However, it wasn’t until I reached my early teens that I got involved with my first rock band and accordingly my first experiences with band management, publicity and bookings.
Without giving away my age (tee hee), I’ve been involved heavily now in the independent music scene for over a decade in various capacities and I’ve had the privilege of being able to share the knowledge I’ve acquired from my own DIY approach through my column series, “So You Wanna be in a Rock Band?” as well as via guest lectures for various special events.

What other artists have influenced yourself and possibly given you inspiration or motivated you?
As I believe the best songwriters are ones that push genre conventions and challenge themselves artistically, I try to listen to a diverse array of artists and music as you never know what might inspire that creative spark. With that said, I – like all music lovers – have my personal favourites too.
I absolutely LOVE 90s music with my favourite band of all time being Veruca Salt, but I’m also really influenced by artists like Alanis and Norah Jones who have such distinctive vocal styles. I warm my voice up to good old blue eyes (aka Frank Sinatra) and when the mood strikes me, I very much enjoy a good French waltz 😉

Where do you get inspiration for your music?
100% personal experience! While my songs start out as a means of me seeking resolution and/or understanding over a situation or issue that has gotten under my skin (ie: either made me sad, upset, contemplative or angry), I try to develop them to reflect universal themes to which others can relate. My new album, “Onto the Floor” (coming VERY soon) definitely reflects this idea.
It features tracks celebrating triumph, being devastated by heartbreak, attacking status quo ideals and engaging listeners to question themselves and that which is presented to them – to be reflective and thoughtful.
My artistic mission is not simply to write “good” catchy music but to ensure my music has meaning and “truth” too.

Can you tell the readers a little about yourself, and what type of person you consider yourself to be?
Haha. Well though I consider myself hilarious, most people would describe me as high strung and rather serious. Now that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun of course – I live for being on stage and interacting with others – but I am also a very deliberate and thoughtful person who always tries to put her full heart and soul into everything she does. I have been blessed with many wonderful opportunities and people in my life and I like to show my appreciation by giving back. Like any Leo, I guess you could say I have a big heart…as well as a big roar 😉
As far as a little bit about myself – well to say it succinctly, I consider myself an “artist”. I sing. I play guitar. I write songs, poetry and articles. I do public speaking, emcee events and give back to my community. I model. I’m vegan. AND I believe in the power of music to change lives.

What do you enjoy doing besides music?
I’m a HUGE movie buff – especially action films. I could probably tell you the entire plot line of every Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ever made. True story. I also have a special talent for making “Rocky” montages.
Beyond that, I enjoy being in nature doing things like horseback riding, hiking and canoeing. On the opposite end of the equation, I have my super girly moments wherein I love getting all dolled up for photoshoots or to go to theatrical productions.
I love to laugh, tell ridiculous stories and spend time with my dear friends.

Do you write your own lyrics and music? If so how is this done?
I do! It’s not so much a “process” for me as it is something that just kinda happens. I’m one of those artists who gets “struck” by inspiration at weird hours like 3 am and if I don’t write down the song idea that instant, it’ll be gone. It’s always been this way for me but I think it makes my writing more genuine because it’s never “constructed” for the purposes of writing hits.
My songs come out the way they do entirely depending upon how I feel in the moment. Typically, it begins with a melody line coming to me, followed shortly by the first lyric. I then work out the chord progression and continue to write whatever comes to mind – whatever I’m feeling – until the song is finished.
Do you do any live performances or concerts? If so, where are these done?
Absolutely! I LIVE for performing live and sharing my music with others. I really enjoy the festival circuit, in particular, because of its ability to reach larger audiences of mixed demographics all at once. I’ve also had great success touring in the US and hope to return soon. Places like NYC and LA are awesome and I’m appreciative of the support I’ve received there.
Can you describe your style of music?
Ah the dreaded “genre” question. Truly, I have yet to meet a fellow musician who likes pigeonholing themselves into one set genre so it’s always difficult to give a set answer – especially because often times, you think you’re performing in one genre and yet your fans hear something else entirely.
With that said, I classify myself as “acoustic alternative” – acoustic because my songs are driven by simple acoustic melodies with a focus on powerful dynamic vocals; alternative because I like to throw in electric/rock techniques and elements that you wouldn’t typically hear paired together with the former.

Did you ever take voice lessons or did singing come naturally to you?
I’d like to say “yes” to both. I did study classical/broadway singing for 14 years. I achieved my grade seven in vocal music and my grade two in theory rudiments from the Royal Conservatory. However, even before I began my training, my parents noted “showmanship” and musical “potential” in me. I’m thankful that I have my training to fall back upon as it’s allowed me to be able to experiment with a variety of musical genres and to expand my vocal range without fear of ever damaging my precious “cords”.

What other singers, artists, or musical performers do you enjoy listening to?
What I listen to entirely depends upon my mood at the time. Sometimes I crave “balls to the wall” rock’n’roll, other times I want something soft and jazzy. I’ve been on a bizarre kick of equal parts Melanie Martinez and The Pixies as of late – an odd combination, I know, but a winning one.

Do you have a record label or are you looking for one?
I do. I founded my own label, HER Records, when I was 15 for the purposes of releasing my first ever studio recorded album with my first band, HER (hence the name of my label!). Since that time, I’ve gone on to assist other artists with promotions and bookings but currently, I only handle my own distribution.
Running your own company and being a DIY artist, like myself, is a LOT of work and as much as I’d love to be able to help others in this capacity, I would want to ensure I had adequate time to do so in order to give them my best/their best shot…maybe someday 

Where are you located?
London, Ontario CANADA!!! Born and raised.

Do you enjoy traveling?

Yes, yes AND yes – especially to places in Europe. I am a sucker for Renaissance artwork and Gothic Cathedrals. I love being immersed in new cultures. I think travel is one of the best ways to learn about the world and in turn, yourself.

Do you have a message for your fans?
If an artist’s work adds value to your life, it’s “worth” something, so please please please buy it. Without your financial support, we can’t continue to create.
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