4 Holiday Sex Steps to Rekindle The Flame

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So you and your partner are going somewhere for a holiday. If you want that this holiday to bring back the flame in your relationship, here are some holiday sex tips you can follow to turn your vacation into a memorable one.

1.Don’t be too conscious on how you look.

You already have the guy, so stop worrying about your body. It’s okay if you still don’t have that perfect bikini body. An air of confidence should take care of your bulges so you don’t have to worry about them when you’re supposed to be having fun.

However, be mindful of your private parts especially if you’re spending a lot of time soaked. If you just put clothes over your wet bikini and then go out for dinner, there’s a huge possibility of you developing some irritation or perhaps a fungal infection. You certainly don’t want this to mess up your vacation and what you want to happen.

2.Try something new.

You’re in a new place but with the same person so at least try something new and exciting. If you’ve always had sex in a nice, comfortable bed, try doing the deed in a tent. It’s very intimate and brings a thrill of being caught in the middle of ecstasy.

If sex in a tent is not possible, then do it on the bed but try a different position. If you’ve always been on top, allow him to do you while you’re underneath. There are plenty of exciting sexual positions that you can find online and as long as it does not involve acts that might make your partner feel uncomfortable, then go ahead and give them a try.

3.Go back to the basics.

The problem with long-time couples is that they tend to forget all the fun associated without full-on sex. Instead, they go directly to penetration as if that’s the only thing there is to enjoy about sex.

You’re on vacation and you have no reason to hurry up. So get into petting – big time. Talk dirty and do a lot of touching and kissing while walking back to your room. It’s about time you bring back the flame to romance.

4.Set new yet temporary rules.

Being in a new environment and enjoying what the place has to offer is already fun but you can make it your own by setting a set of new yet temporary rules. For instance, you can declare your room as a no-clothes zone. After all, what’s the point of having tantalizing tan lines if you can’t show them off, right? Being naked around each other, as long as within the confines of your personal space, will definitely set the sexual tone between the two of you.

Another rule is not to talk about issues that could easily ruin your vacation. There could be serious issues you and your partner fought about, which you don’t want to bring in during your holiday.

If you follow these holiday sex tips, you’ll definitely rekindle your romance and will be back in town as better and sexier couple.

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