5 Reasons We All Think the Opposite Sex is Crazy

by admin

I have to apologize right off the bat for writing an entire article that applies almost exclusively to straight people. I don’t mean to exclude LGBT groups, but this is a bizarrely heterosexual issue.
The straights are always saying things like, “men are stupid,” or “women are crazy” – dialogue that is conspicuously absent among same-sex couples.
In a cruel twist of fate, the very fact that we want to date them is what causes us to think so poorly of the opposite sex.
Dating is a High-Dose Experience
People are stupid… and even when they’re not stupid, they’re still kind of stupid. You could be a rocket scientist and you’re still an idiot when it comes to something.
Most people are also assholes. Including you.
I don’t know who you are. I don’t know if you’re black or white; Democrat or Republican; male or female – but I do know that you are almost certainly an asshole. And a complete moron from time to time.
Your friends are also all incorrigible ballsacks. Has anyone ever told you not to be roomies with your best friend because you’ll kill each other? That’s because both you and your friend are throbbing cock bites who hate each other – you just don’t know it, yet. You haven’t spent your relationship having to deal with one another’s mundane, day-to-day, idiotic bullshit.
But guess whose crap you’re exposed to at mind-fucking levels all the time. Someone whose pants you’re getting all up and dirty in. You don’t regularly get naked in front of someone and have them not know things about you that you hide from everyone else. And you’re going to know things about them, too.
In your vulnerable moments, both of you are going to act shitty from time to time just by virtue of being fallible wet bags of hormones.
You’ll edit your callous deeds out of memory – unless you’re part of the 1.4% of the population that doesn’t want to believe they’re a good person. Their moments of existentially terrified assholery will remain.
It’s nothing special, but it’ll feel unique. You’ll have front row tickets to their shit show in ways that their friends never will – and in ways you’ll never see from your own friends.
Some of the cruelest things you’ll experience in person will come from the people you’re trying to bone, more or less because of logistics.
We’re Attracted to the Worst Examples of the Opposite Sex
There are two things we generally want to do with a significant other: 1) rub them all over our genitals, and 2) talk to them.
Unfortunately, the kinds of people we want to convince to lick weird parts of our bodies aren’t always the same people who will be sane 5 minutes later when our higher cognitive abilities start to come back online.
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