8 Lies girls tell their boyfriends

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Everybody lies. But women lie even more often than men, and that’s a fact. And that’s because women talk more than men. And when women lie, they do it in a more cunning and more sophisticated way than men.
Women lie to both women and men, but what’s more interesting is that girls lie to their boyfriends, too.
However, girls always lie for a good cause. At least they honestly believe in that. But no need to make a scene just because your girlfriend is lying to you every once in a while, because most of the times they lie about stuff to avoid conflicts.
So let’s review some of the most common lies girls tell their boyfriends – and some of those lies even repeat on daily basis!
1.‘No, I’m not mad at you!’
Let’s begin with what’s probably the most common lie girls tell their boyfriends. In addition to being the most common lie, it’s also the most annoying one. And it may also do more damage to your relationship than other lies.
Every time you say something at an inopportune time or you raise your voice, or you say something when stuck in traffic, during her period, during a sad film, when you’re fighting, when she hasn’t slept well (and the list goes on and on and on…), you risk getting the ‘No, I’m not mad at you!’ response from your girlfriend.
But don’t believe her so soon. Most of the times (about 99%) when women say they’re not mad, they are just as mad as a dog that has just lost a large meaty piece of steak.
And not every boyfriend notices it but it’s the way a girl says the phrase that gives her away. Usually girls say the ‘No, I’m not mad at you!’ phrase with the voice that they would use when eating your brains with a teaspoon.
The best advice to avoid such phrase would be to not get your girlfriend mad, but that’s beyond possible. Women get mad easily and you have to be super-sensitive and understand how your girlfriend thinks to completely save yourself from the ‘No, I’m not mad at you!’ response.
There are two ways out of this situation. The first one is that you can just let it be as it is and let her cool down. But if your girl is an unforgiving and grudge-holding person, you risk creating even more problems for yourself, as she may be like ‘Oh, so you’re not even trying to smooth it over’.
The second way out is to smooth it over using hugs, kiss and sex. And more sex. Or you could do something crazy or unexpected to distract her from the ‘mad’ thoughts.
But don’t even hope for your girl to admit that she was acting silly and there was really no reason for her to get mad at. This kind of girls doesn’t exist.
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