A Painted Picture

by admin

The sounds of piano jazz echoed across the radio station. It was a small place and a significant one. It served as a full-time radio and part-time painting facility, courtesy of Anna, a female artist running both shows at once – the painting as well as the radio business. Anna was more of a painter than a talk show host, and yet, she found an equal affinity for both businesses. She was smart as she was fine-looking, with long crimson locks gathered in a messy bun and a silk scarf. Her eyes, emerald lakes of endless provocation and tease, hidden gems below the surface of thick layers of eyelashes. Her body was hour-glass, juicy hips pouring out from each side and long, voluptuous legs to keep it all together. In the back, it was all down-to-business- a peachy moon of delicate flesh bouncing off its own accord.
Anna drags a brush down the thick canvas and echoes in pleasure. Tiny pants dance in the sound-proof room, from where Anna gives the crowd the latest gossip and then transforms it into art as she talks. Not that long ago, Anna took interest in painting what she cannot feel, what she is yet to taste. Sounds, rhythms, colours, emotions, dances- she tries to captivate it all.
But recently, Anna has birthed a taste for something raunchier, dare I say, a forbidden fruit?
Pleasures like these, the forbidden and intimate ones make the finest paintings, and no one does intimate pleasure quite like a woman. The first time Anna thought about painting a young and may I day, nude model, the skin on her body stood in praise and coated her in goose-bumps. It was more than just a need or a passion- it was urgency in its becoming, driving Anna wild with the thought of another woman’s naked figure.

She knew the female body well, as she was one herself, but for as long as she could remember, orgasmic delirium looks better on someone else. A burning ember lit itself up at Anna’s need, as she read the news and as jazz played along with a tune of no rhythm, and right then and there, her hands travelled against her things, up her belly and inside her shirt, where her breasts had already perked up, and Anna imagined them as another’s.
‘Female live model needed. Painting purposes. Not older than twenty-eight. Reach out at ‘Dingo’s Radio. Wear a face mask- your pick’.
That’s all the ad said, the one Anna threw out there in a desperate search for her mistress model to awake her soul and put her painting skills in order or give them another purpose if you will.
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