Artist Interview with Rose Cora Perry

by admin

Photography by “Mystery Man Photography”

How long have you been involved in the music industry?
I have been performing since I was four and writing songs since I was seven. However, it wasn’t until I reached my early teens that I got involved with my first rock band and accordingly my first experiences with band management, publicity and bookings.
Without giving away my age (tee hee), I’ve been involved heavily now in the independent music scene for over a decade in various capacities and I’ve had the privilege of being able to share the knowledge I’ve acquired from my own DIY approach through my column series, “So You Wanna be in a Rock Band?” as well as via guest lectures for various special events.

What other artists have influenced yourself and possibly given you inspiration or motivated you?
As I believe the best songwriters are ones that push genre conventions and challenge themselves artistically, I try to listen to a diverse array of artists and music as you never know what might inspire that creative spark. With that said, I – like all music lovers – have my personal favourites too.
I absolutely LOVE 90s music with my favourite band of all time being Veruca Salt, but I’m also really influenced by artists like Alanis and Norah Jones who have such distinctive vocal styles. I warm my voice up to good old blue eyes (aka Frank Sinatra) and when the mood strikes me, I very much enjoy a good French waltz 😉

Where do you get inspiration for your music?
100% personal experience! While my songs start out as a means of me seeking resolution and/or understanding over a situation or issue that has gotten under my skin (ie: either made me sad, upset, contemplative or angry), I try to develop them to reflect universal themes to which others can relate. My new album, “Onto the Floor” (coming VERY soon) definitely reflects this idea.
It features tracks celebrating triumph, being devastated by heartbreak, attacking status quo ideals and engaging listeners to question themselves and that which is presented to them – to be reflective and thoughtful.
My artistic mission is not simply to write “good” catchy music but to ensure my music has meaning and “truth” too.

Can you tell the readers a little about yourself, and what type of person you consider yourself to be?
Haha. Well though I consider myself hilarious, most people would describe me as high strung and rather serious. Now that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun of course – I live for being on stage and interacting with others – but I am also a very deliberate and thoughtful person who always tries to put her full heart and soul into everything she does. I have been blessed with many wonderful opportunities and people in my life and I like to show my appreciation by giving back. Like any Leo, I guess you could say I have a big heart…as well as a big roar 😉
As far as a little bit about myself – well to say it succinctly, I consider myself an “artist”. I sing. I play guitar. I write songs, poetry and articles. I do public speaking, emcee events and give back to my community. I model. I’m vegan. AND I believe in the power of music to change lives.

What do you enjoy doing besides music?
I’m a HUGE movie buff – especially action films. I could probably tell you the entire plot line of every Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ever made. True story. I also have a special talent for making “Rocky” montages.
Beyond that, I enjoy being in nature doing things like horseback riding, hiking and canoeing. On the opposite end of the equation, I have my super girly moments wherein I love getting all dolled up for photoshoots or to go to theatrical productions.
I love to laugh, tell ridiculous stories and spend time with my dear friends.

Do you write your own lyrics and music? If so how is this done?
I do! It’s not so much a “process” for me as it is something that just kinda happens. I’m one of those artists who gets “struck” by inspiration at weird hours like 3 am and if I don’t write down the song idea that instant, it’ll be gone. It’s always been this way for me but I think it makes my writing more genuine because it’s never “constructed” for the purposes of writing hits.
My songs come out the way they do entirely depending upon how I feel in the moment. Typically, it begins with a melody line coming to me, followed shortly by the first lyric. I then work out the chord progression and continue to write whatever comes to mind – whatever I’m feeling – until the song is finished.
Do you do any live performances or concerts? If so, where are these done?
Absolutely! I LIVE for performing live and sharing my music with others. I really enjoy the festival circuit, in particular, because of its ability to reach larger audiences of mixed demographics all at once. I’ve also had great success touring in the US and hope to return soon. Places like NYC and LA are awesome and I’m appreciative of the support I’ve received there.
Can you describe your style of music?
Ah the dreaded “genre” question. Truly, I have yet to meet a fellow musician who likes pigeonholing themselves into one set genre so it’s always difficult to give a set answer – especially because often times, you think you’re performing in one genre and yet your fans hear something else entirely.
With that said, I classify myself as “acoustic alternative” – acoustic because my songs are driven by simple acoustic melodies with a focus on powerful dynamic vocals; alternative because I like to throw in electric/rock techniques and elements that you wouldn’t typically hear paired together with the former.

Did you ever take voice lessons or did singing come naturally to you?
I’d like to say “yes” to both. I did study classical/broadway singing for 14 years. I achieved my grade seven in vocal music and my grade two in theory rudiments from the Royal Conservatory. However, even before I began my training, my parents noted “showmanship” and musical “potential” in me. I’m thankful that I have my training to fall back upon as it’s allowed me to be able to experiment with a variety of musical genres and to expand my vocal range without fear of ever damaging my precious “cords”.

What other singers, artists, or musical performers do you enjoy listening to?
What I listen to entirely depends upon my mood at the time. Sometimes I crave “balls to the wall” rock’n’roll, other times I want something soft and jazzy. I’ve been on a bizarre kick of equal parts Melanie Martinez and The Pixies as of late – an odd combination, I know, but a winning one.

Do you have a record label or are you looking for one?
I do. I founded my own label, HER Records, when I was 15 for the purposes of releasing my first ever studio recorded album with my first band, HER (hence the name of my label!). Since that time, I’ve gone on to assist other artists with promotions and bookings but currently, I only handle my own distribution.
Running your own company and being a DIY artist, like myself, is a LOT of work and as much as I’d love to be able to help others in this capacity, I would want to ensure I had adequate time to do so in order to give them my best/their best shot…maybe someday 

Where are you located?
London, Ontario CANADA!!! Born and raised.

Do you enjoy traveling?

Yes, yes AND yes – especially to places in Europe. I am a sucker for Renaissance artwork and Gothic Cathedrals. I love being immersed in new cultures. I think travel is one of the best ways to learn about the world and in turn, yourself.

Do you have a message for your fans?
If an artist’s work adds value to your life, it’s “worth” something, so please please please buy it. Without your financial support, we can’t continue to create.
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