Becoming an Alpha Male

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You might already have a lingering view of who is an ‘alpha male’ like if you are in high school, you probably would think an alpha male is a brutish, loud, and confrontational guy who is very popular in the school. If you have just finished your bachelor’s degree and are ready to pursue your professional career path, you might see an alpha male as a person who is professionally successful with a clear goal/s for the future. It depends on your experience and knowledge about life and the society you live in!
Women are really interested in finding an alpha male as their life partner so it would be helpful for both men and women to find out who are alpha males to be real, what are their traits, and for men, although you don’t possess those traits to a satisfactory level, don’t worry we will bring you the best guide to become an alpha male that all women would die to have! Let’s go!
Where did the term ‘alpha male’ come from?
The term ‘alpha male’ was first coined in ‘The Wolf: Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species’ written by L. David Mech. David in 1970. He studied the specific behavioral patterns in wolf packs and observed a very interesting behavior that the bravest and the strongest male wolf in the pack fights with other male wolves and becomes the leader in the herd. The term ‘alpha’ brings the meaning ‘superior’ and ‘dominant’ preferably over a certain group of animals.
Who is an alpha male?
Men by their birth are competing to become stable figures for their families and society and that is quite natural. It is not something they develop with time as they grow but they have that intention when they are born to this world most of the time due to evolutionary factors. From the stone age, men were responsible for taking care of their families, finding food, shelter, and protecting their families from potential disasters and animals. Eventually, they became adapted to those tasks both physically and psychologically with time which has been transmitted to their next generations. The strongest and the bravest men got the highest acceptance in earlier societies which then helped to develop an idea about an ‘alpha male’ within the society although the term was actually coined in 197- by David Mech.
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