Best Winter Getaways

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Enduring cold winter in your region means you may be stuck inside your home for a few weeks or risk getting hit by a blizzard on the road should you want to go out. You may also feel unfashionable having to wear gloves and layers of clothes just to be warm. But, you can also opt to have fun somewhere else within or near the country to dodge the snow and boredom. You can enjoy the outdoors, have some sun and even meet a few local friends in these top winter getaways.
Puerto Rico
Want a touch of Latin America without having to use your passport? Puerto Rico is the way to go. Generally sunny and blessed with glorious beaches, you can get a tan at Puerto Rico instead of windburn during the winter season. Puerto Rico boasts of natural landscapes – from caves to jungles – so you actually have more activity options while in the territory.
Would you like more privacy? A ferry can take you to some of Puerto Rico’s most pristine and popular islands, specifically Culebra and Viesquez, where you can bath in the sun, swim in the ocean and just enjoy a paradise at your own pace.
Key West, Florida
Eccentric and free-spirited, Key West is a destination where you wouldn’t find an official itinerary useful. The Conchs, that’s how people in Key West are called, are friendly, happy and are go-with-the-flow bunch. In the same manner, Key West is like that too. It offers diverse attractions and destinations to keep you considerably busy, day in and day out. You can go people-watching by the seaside while sipping a glass of margarita.
From the beach, you could find yourself hopping from one of Key West’s popular destinations to the other. You can go sight-seeing aquatic creatures at the aquarium or indulge yourself with a little retail therapy at the Mallory Square. Wide selections of Mexican and Cuban cuisines as well as seafood dishes are served in many of the casual dining establishments.
Lake Tahoe
Located at the borders of Nevada and California, Lake Tahoe offers a magical escape during the winter season. The lake is famous for its clear crystal blue waters, dubbed as one of most beautiful in the country. Surrounding the lake are granite cliff sides and breathtaking vistas that your eyes will surely feast on. Lake Tahoe draws the adventurous crowd who loves hiking, rock climbing and skiing. But it also fairly accommodates the laid back ones too who enjoy golfing and boating. You can also avail of cruises and hot air balloon rides while at the lake.
Dotted with both high-end and casual establishments, from casinos to restaurants to hotels, Lake Tahoe ensures that it has everything for everyone.
US Virgin Islands
Offering an enticing mix of adventure and relaxation, there’s very good reason why the US Virgin Islands are collectively called “America’s Paradise.” Situated at the Caribbean, these islands are part of the US territory so you wouldn’t need your passport to get there.
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