Building Your Strength

by admin

Being stronger means more heavy-lifting, increased endurance and more energy. As one of the most important foundations for performance goals, increased strength elevates performance of physical activities a notch higher. However, strength is not achieved after within a few hours at the gym or by reducing calories for a week. Building strength requires ample knowledge on physical training, proper diet, and a committed mindset. The troubles you have to go through may be one meticulous journey, but the rewards are all worth it in the end.

If you’re just beginning to build your strength, here are some tips that you can follow.

Reduce your calories. Some would say to ‘watch your calories’; that could work, if you’re just trying to lose some weight. But if you’re aiming to build your strength, the diet should be focused on something with lesser calories but on nutrients that will provide muscle building without caloric surplus. Having the right amount of calories also aid in healing and recovery, while significantly lower calorie intake may prevent strength gains.

Lift all you can. Decreasing your rep range is also one of the surefire ways of building strength, and that calls for lifting all you possibly can. Lower your reps per set, such as 5-7 reps. Decreased reps also prevents hypertrophy, so if you’re just aiming to build strength without looking too bulky, don’t increase the rep counts, just the weight.

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