Cam Newton signs one-year contract with New England Patriots

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Cam Newton who was once the best player in Carolina Panthers has signed a one-year contract with New England Patriots, according to the league sources. The quarterback has experienced a foot injury during the Panthers’ third preseason game which was the reason for his release from the Panthers in March.
On Tuesday, neither Patriots nor Newton has announced that the deal is confirmed. However, Newton has said to a vlog following few sessions of his workouts that he is much disappointed with the way how his life with Panthers ended although he was not bitter. He further said, “I’ve got so much on my mind right now, so I’m gonna keep this (expletive) brief. I’m at your neck,”.

The new contract is said to worth $7.5 million, according to the source informed of the terms. Cam Newton would play for the Carolina Panthers as replacement of Tom Brady who quit after 20 seasons with Panthers and signed contracts with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
The NFL has taken steps to fine the New England Patriots with $1.1 million for videotaping the Cincinnati Bengals’ sideline during their game against the Cleveland Browns last season. However, the Patriots have acknowledged about the incident as “unknowingly violated” league policy and stressed that team personnel had no “involvement whatsoever in the planning, filming or creative decisions made during the production of these features.” However, the league has assumed that the filming was performed targeting a specific opponent to track his movements and techniques. The Patriots are prohibited from filming any of the games this season and the shooting producer of the Patriots is prohibited from participating in filming any of the games organized by the NFL. The third-round draft pick will be in 2021 and Patriot fans now have new hope and to look forward, not backward with Cam Newton signing with them.
Before Cam was released from the Panthers, he was one of the best and dominant quarterbacks and an offensive player in Panthers. In 2015, Newton won the NFL MVP award for leading the Carolina Panthers to Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara. Newton has played for the Panthers since 2011 and spent his entire life thereafter with them. However, he missed six games of the eight seasons last year and was able to play only two games. He has undergone a surgery after his foot injury which was successful but many speculations were made about the future of Newton with the Panthers.

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