Crazy Things People Do on Instagram

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Instagram. We all know what’s it about and most of us have our own account. Instagram was created in late 2010 and in only two years, grew rapidly and gained much popularity. The result: 150 million monthly users in 2013 and still counting! On this application, you see so many different things like photos and videos that are inspiring funny and…crazy. So what are the craziest things people do on Instagram?
No. 1: The Kylie Jenner Challenge.
We all know what this is about. A few months ago, a new challenge popped up from nowhere, the Kylie Jenner Challenge. And it went viral. Countless videos and pictures of women, girls and even boys sucking on a small glass in order to make their lips swell up, conquered the internet and especially, Instagram. Although the star stated that she had absolutely nothing to do with it by saying:”I’m not here to try & encourage people/young girls to look like me or to think this is the way they should look,” young girls, women and boys who were probably jealous of her perfect puffy lips, tried to do the challenge. The result? Absolutely hilarious! And painful. The technique of glass sucking resulted people all around the globe with swelled up and bruised lips, who looked like ducks. But the worst part is, that by sucking on a glass to make your lips swell, you can actually destroy your blood vessel and break them.
No. 2: Embarrassing Photos of Friends.
Really now, I think each and every one of us has become a victim of cyber bullying by our friends, who posted really embarrassing pictures of us on Instagram without us knowing about it. But let’s be honest… we’ve done it too! Let’s say you were just having a bad hair day, or you’re very tired after work and you fall asleep on the worst position with the worst face on the couch, or your friend just won’t stop taking selfies and pictures to “keep for themselves and look back to,” well that’s a lie. Five minutes later you’re a joke gone viral with your mouth open and drooling on a pillow. I admit it’s really funny when I do it, but I hate it when they do it to me! WHY? Why did you take this picture and uploaded on Instagram? Now the guy/girl I’ve trying to go on a date with, will see it and all my chances at love have been destroyed. Thanks bestie/bro. I love you too. NOT.
No. 3: Challenges.
Crazy challenges that got recorded on video and uploaded on Instagram. Most memorable are the cinnamon challenge, in which the person had to eat a whole teaspoon of cinnamon and swallow it with success, instead we got countless funny reactions to the cinnamon burn they all got, as well as the spitting of the cinnamon and the aftershock.
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