Cross Fit Fitness—Are You Ready to Get Fit?

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Preparing your physical body both for the known and unknowable is the philosophy behind cross fit fitness. It involves intense functional movements using non-traditional methods in achieving physical and cardiovascular wellness.

By design, cross fit fitness is inclusive, general and broad. It does not specialize on anything but regarded as very important in all aspects of having a healthy body and life. Thus, its program involves skills that will improve your physique: respiratory and cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and stamina, strength and agility, speed and coordination, and balance and accuracy.

What Does Cross Fit Fitness Involve?

The physical activities involved in cross fit fitness do not employ the use of any weight-lifting equipment like kettbells and sandbags. Nor does it integrate water-filled implements or suspension system. Rather, every participant is challenged to perform a fixed number of workout repetitions in a certain time frame. Each day, the program is designed to test a different aspect of your functional conditioning.

Founded by Greg Glassman sometime in 2000, cross fit fitness has affiliated gyms offering sets of activities that include warm up exercises, skill development segment, high-intensity regimen, and group or individual stretching. There are also classes that integrate strength-focused movement before moving on to the intense regimen of the day.


On Ramp Course and the Regular Class

There are two classes to enrol in a cross fit gym—introduction and regular. In an introduction class, you will be given a brief overview. Then you will engage in basic workout on body weight. After the class, if you are interested in joining, your coach will send you to the Elements course or the On Ramp program, before you become a member of the regular class.

The On Ramp course will teach you the cross fit fitness’ 9 foundation movements and the importance of starting at a proper form when you do squats, overhead presses or deadlifts.

When you are ready to take the regular class, you will allot 45 minutes to an hour of your time per session. The class starts when everybody is present and ready. There are instructors who go around inspecting on the proper form and whether the exercise is properly executed. Nobody proceeds to the next physical exercise unless everybody is doing the right move in the present workout. Needless to say, there will be camaraderie and team work as everybody will be supporting each other.

Sections Per Regular Class

Depending on which cross fit fitness gym you have enrolled, your regular class is divided into three or four sections:

  • Warm Up.      The warm up section is dynamic. It involves jumps and jumping jacks,      jumping rope, squatting, push ups, pull ups and lunges. There are also      functional movements, mobility workouts and stretches.
  • Strength and Skill. If you go to the gym on a Strength day, then all your exercise will      focus on strength movements like deadlifts or squats, otherwise, you will      work on the day’s skill development, improving it. Examples of strength      movement are muscle ups and one-legged squatting.

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