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Most people play video games as a huge passion. They’ve grown up on PlayStation 1 or 2, which was pretty straightforward. They would buy a game at the time and that was about it. But now, with more games out there than ever, the popularity of crypto gaming is increasing.
In the past decades, gamers have had only two payment systems: either pay to play, where you pay developers up front or free to play, where the game is free, but developers make money microtransactions. Only the developer got any type of tangible reward.
Now, there are thousands of different crypto currencies on the market, using blockchain technology, where you can make money while gaming. If you’ve played games that have an in-game economy, then crypto currencies can also be applied to those games.
Game Credits. Game credits are digital currencies that are designed on a global scale to facilitate in-game payments. It’s a token that is used as an in-game currency that can be applied to multiple games, which are primarily aimed at pc or mobile platforms.
There are advantages for game companies which use game credits since it’s quicker, there are no charge backs, there are no commission fees, and there is no room for fraud.
Game credits are still at the beginning stage however, they have their own android store (or g-store). One of the games that uses this token is Pixelwars. These tokens can be sold and exchanged for real money.
Gaming has become bigger than ever and one of the numerous advantages that using crypto currencies is that one’s in-game goal doesn’t remain stuck in the game. Your game credits can be exchanged for bit crystals on an exchange. Bit crystals is what is used as a trading currency for Spell of Genesis, a mobile card game, which has incorporated crypto currency into every aspect of its game play and story. Your earned cards and cash are actually your property and selling can be an easy option if you want to cash out.

Bit crystals are designed to gain more value over time. Moonga, the number one rated Japanese trading card game uses Spell of Genesis cards that work there as well.
The game Beyond the Void is space-themed game which uses the token Nexium as its in-game currency. Nexium can be earned with your in-game performance and can be used to unluck skins and characters. It’s also easy to acquire Nexium at an exchange if you want a particular skin.
You might want to take note, that while you may make some money playing these in-line games, most of these crypto currencies will never gain that much value.

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