Cybersex: How to Stimulate Your Partner Virtually

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Cybersex: How to Stimulate Your Partner Virtually

Technology is so powerful that it can even fulfill your carnal desires. No, this does not only pertain to still photos and moving videos involving two strangers doing it. The interaction could get personal too. You can have your own “porn movie” without actual physical contact. But if there is no real contact, can orgasms really come for real?



Cybersex is an encounter between two or more people sending messages of explicit sexual content over the Internet. It is similar to a sexual roleplay wherein all participants pretend as if they are having real contact intercourse. Hence, if you are doing this you need to be very effective in describing what you are doing or would like to do in order to fulfill your own sexual fantasies and feelings.



The ingredients for an orgasmic no skin-to-skin contact sex would be three things: a.) an equally responsive partner, b.) an active imagination and c.) sex toys. The third one is only an option because they will only be used if you can’t find satisfaction on your own. You can read more in our October 2013 issue of ModelsMania.

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