Dangerous Sports: Thrill Alongside Risks

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There’s no other kind of thrill than engaging in a dangerous sport – the kind wherein you’re just one moment away from a disaster. Where’s the fun when there’s no amount of risk, right? And so, a lot of people have continued to tiptoe the line between safety and danger just to experience the exhilarating high of adrenaline rush.
But some of the dangerous sports don’t appear to be obviously risky at first. Some sports, such as tennis, can render serious injuries that reduce the players’ ability to play top of their game, and probably degrade their performance of other physical activities later in life too. Meanwhile, there are sports that are obviously risky at first look, such as train surfing which has become even more popular in different parts of the world.
Sports are great way to pass the time, express yourself and provide and/or generate entertainment. However, sports can also be a good source of injury too; and in worst cases, death. Here are some of the dangerous sports and the risks they present.
According to the British Columbia Injury Research and Prevention Unit, hockey is the third leading sports with the most ER visits among the youth, next to basketball and soccer. And obviously so, hockey does present a substantial amount of danger with players being slammed against the board, threading on thin slippery ice and getting in contact with other players and the puck. The most common injuries in hockey are head concussions, broken bones and severe back pain.
Hockey games have contact and non-contact varieties, but contact games place players in risk of more injuries. Contact hockey has more aggression wherein players can use their bodies for defense and offense, resulting in painful falls and collisions.
When playing hockey, it is important that players wear protective gear properly, may it be during practice or actual game. Knee and shin pads as well as helmets help reduce the amount of risks and pain from hits.
Horse Jumping
Equestrian events are quite a spectacle, but they can also pose serious injuries, and sometimes cause death, to the rider. A study in New Zealand found that 6% of the horseback riders sustain injury and that a horse riding-related accident could occur every 2,000 hours. While this data may show little risk or danger, the gravity of injury that a horse-rider sustains could range from mild to very severe, and in other cases, death.
When it comes to dangers related to horse riding, equestrian events and cross country jumping come top of the list. When a horse jumps and gallops out in the open field, traversing a road full of rocks, roots and uneven ground, the horse could slip and fall, throwing off its rider and possibly falling into him. Meanwhile, eventing competitions where horses are commanded to jump over obstacles aren’t safe from danger as well. In fact, actor Christopher Reeve who was well known for his Superman role in the 1970s-1980s, was thrown off his horse in an eventing competition which resulted to his paralysis.
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