The Dangerous World of Meth

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methKnown in its complete name Methamphetamine, Meth is a psychoactive drug that can be seen in different forms, but the most common is crystal, in which case, the drug is known for its street names as Tina, ice, meth, or glass. Experts have solid evidence that meth can be highly addictive as users instantly experience euphoria, strong rush of self-confidence, and impressive energy.

Meth can be used in a few ways. One is to smoke the drug using glass pipes (as how cocaine is similarly used). Another is to inject it straight to the veins by dissolving meth in water. Sometimes, people use the pulverized form and snort or swallow it. Others prefer to insert the crystal in urethra or anus.

What Makes Methamphetamine Addictive

The nature of the drug is to create temporary pleasurable sensation by imitating chemicals that would send impulses to the brains. The problem with prolonged use is that the brains are no longer able to differentiate natural signals from artificial. As a result, the brain’s survival instincts start to malfunction and will rely mainly on the impulses caused by meth. As soon as the brain’s survival instincts begin to destroy, addiction to methamphetamine occurs.

Moreover, the amphetamines in meth may find their way through your bloodstream, ignoring the body’s chemical messengers related to positive emotions.  Yes, you may get these positive emotions when meth is used, but your brain and the entire nervous system are short-circuited. The artificial positive emotions experienced will shut down the body’s natural ability to produce positive impulses. Of course, when meth’s effects expire, the body may not instantly regain its natural ability to create and send these positive impulses, and the only way that you will experience positive emotions again is to use meth for another time. In the process, addiction arises.

 Euphoria and other Immediate Effects

When used for the first time, meth promises a different kind of “high” or ‘’kick.’’ The first effect is so strong that the brain adapts to its intensity almost instantly. The subsequent effects may not be as intense as the first one, and because of this, a higher dose of meth is taken each time just so the intensity of ‘’kick’’ from the first usage is mimicked. Imagine the dosage going higher in each use of meth in order to maintain the same intensity of its ‘’kick.’’

Methamphetamine is rarely sold in its pure form. Generally, it is made with other harmful substances. Consequently, the effects can go beyond what health experts enumerated. As soon as meth is used into the body in any way, the users can experience following effects:

  • Euphoria
  • Diarrhoea and nausea
  • Constriction of arteries and walls
  • High level of energy and being alert
  • Excessive sweating
  • High libido

No appetite, tremors, insomnia, jaw-clenchin

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