Dating Apps: The Rules of Virtual Dating Culture

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With the years and the growth of technology, the world of dating has drastically changed. Nowadays, it is all about that perfect selfie, that secret DM, that state of the art bio that keeps potential matches coming, and that art of the typed word.
Just as the dating culture moved online so did the needs of users for different things. For instance, there is an obvious growth in daters who enjoy meeting up off-the-hook or low-key. There are also those who want to find the perfect soulmate as well as those who, well, just love to have a good time.
Regardless of the type of dating that fits your style, there seem to be certain guidelines that, officially or not, are to be followed as a pattern of being a great match and all. Below, let’s discuss which dating apps suit your needs the best, and what the ground rules of modern-day hook-ups are.
Dating Apps Etiquette
1. Is There a Response Yet?
One of the things most dating app users dread is an unseen or unanswered message. And while this might throw you into a fit of not being ‘cute enough’ or whatever, consider that not everyone’s lives revolve around dating apps only.
Therefore, it is recommended you give the other side time to respond, likely two to three hours. While users are notified whenever someone texts them, they might not reply instantly, perhaps not wanting to seem desperate or needy. As a replier yourself, you’d also want to respond to someone’s text, both on time and not too soon. I know, it sounds tiring already, but a little patience goes a long way.
2. Reply within 24 Hours
Again, you don’t want to seem too interested or too available, so do yourself a favour and take 24 hours before you respond. Of course, you can give it a go in the first five ours since receiving a text, but sleeping on a decision might give you more creative ideas for the conversation ahead.
Should you decide not to respond at all, the other side will likely manage to read between the lines once you go M.I.A for over a day.

3. Multiple App Choices
If you are, indeed, interested in a certain profile, it is recommended you try the trick of connecting with them through more social media. For instance, if you met on Facebook, add each other on Instagram, Pinterest or even Tinder. This way, you’ll both have a deeper glimpse into the other person’s hobbies, lifestyle, preferences, and expectations.
If things happen to click between you two, great news, you made it! And should nothing work out of the situation, well, there’s always someone hiding behind door number two.
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