Depeche Mode

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Depeche Mode is a band of British origin made up of Vince Clarke, David Gahan, Andrew Fletcher, and Martin Gore. It was created in 1980, addressing the electronic music scene. For this time, Depeche Mode created the sound of the decade: New Wave Pop. Generally, in this type of music and these sounds at that time, its lyrics spoke about anguish and guilt. However, it was characterized because it fit perfectly for dancing. Who would think this kind of lyrics would work to dance everywhere? But in fact, the sounds of the keyboards and rhythm boxes produced great melodies for all listeners to take their best dance steps. Do not you think it would be so nice dancing those sad songs?
The evolution of this group was taking place as time passed. They were driving songs like “People Are People” and “I can’t get enough.” This was how the band was taking a significant boost in the alternative rock world. They started to evolve during their entire path! This boom they had in the ’90s allowed them to create melodies and songs like” ‘Personal Jesus,” “I feel you,” and’ ‘Enjoy the silence.”
What did they cause in the music world?
This band really revolutionized since they started. So far, they are responsible for the creation of one of the best musical groups in ALL HISTORY. They had so many positive things, beginning with Dave Gahan’s voice; he provided velvety melodies. Also, they had the great lyrics by Martin Gore. All of them continued to give romantic themes, tragedy, and mysterious songs.

It made an impact on the lives of many people, which is one of the longest-lasting bands of all time. Even until this moment, the trio mainly involved with Gahan, Gore, and Andy Fletcher, continues to cause great controversy and exciting music. They continue impacting with their songs.
But what is the tragedy, or what are the catastrophes haunted them?
Despite their 40 years in the music world, they had several problems. Even, despite its 100 million albums sold, they were not enough to escape from the most challenging situations during its career.
It is worth mentioning: Depeche Mode is still a band! And even more, they continue to have the success even during their 40 years. Also, all members are still alive. Tragedies were always present throughout the journey to the world of fame. The story will impact you with each of its sad, fantastic, heartbreaking, and tragic parts.

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