Eating in Dubai

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Food in Dubai
Dubai is breathtakingly beautiful city and one of its beauty is that it is home to people from different regions. Dubai is full of immigrants and assortment of people belonging to different nations. But the food of Dubai is greatly influenced by Asian and Middle Eastern Dishes. Dubai has been developed quite recently and the land is full of people who are from different cultures. So, there is no such thing as “national food” because the diversity and variety in food is as much as the diversity of people. You can get all types of food in Dubai so there is no such food we can associate its origin to Dubai or any food which will be recognized as “Food of Dubai.”
Knowhow of Emirati Cuisine
If you want to spend time in Dubai with your family or you are going to Dubai with your friends, even if you are going alone or you are taking someone special along with you, there is one thing you should be aware of. You cannot go to Dubai and expect to be served with most tasty and delicious dishes on your doorsteps. You have to be well prepared and well aware of food in Dubai. So, if you are ever planning to take a tour to Dubai, then make sure you have firm grasp on Emirati cuisine. Because of diversity and great variety of food, you cannot expect that you will like every kind of food and you do not want to go and eat what makes you puke. Food in Dubai will be like the food which your taste-buds have never had savored before. The city might not offer you other new escapades but Dubai guarantees that you will be surprised by the kind of food it offers you. Dubai’s beauty lies in the heterogeneity and diversification it provides in everything, whether it is people living there or food that people enjoy in Dubai. And one thing for sure that Dubai can never be short of great and enormous eateries. But it is up to you to plan and decide which kind of food you like the best and which suits your taste the best.
Varieties of Food
As far as food is concerned, Dubai is most exotic city which you will ever find. Dubai does not have its own Michelin Guide, but it utilizes those chefs and restaurant chains which have been previously recognized in their respective regions. Since it is populated with people belonging to different regions from all over the world but major chunk of population is areas nearby Middle East and Asian nations like Pakistan and India who work there.
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