The Emotional Landscape of Modeling

by admin

Few people purposefully choose to step into a minefield. Most people, when told they are entering a hazardous zone where any number of injuries could occur, tend to steer clear. The human need for self-preservation is strong and despite the lure of “adrenaline rush” experiences, most folk tend to find that discretion is the better part of valor. But minefields often beckon, because some of them are littered with treasures and rewards that are worth braving to that intrepid person seeking the pot of gold at the end of a specific rainbow. One of those minefields is that of modeling. It is a landscape fraught with peril to the heart and soul, but one that scads of young women hurl themselves into knowingly, taking the chance of losing their happiness to the concussive blasts that can occur when one stumbles across many of the treacherous dangers lying in wait.
Beyond all the Myths and Legends told about the Pitfalls of the Modeling World, most of which are like any Tall Tale, there is a slice of truth woven into the Cautionary Element of the Story, there are reasons why Modeling is a minefield. The very psychological nature of models leads them like Moths to Flame when it comes to this Industry. Models come from the 4th quadrant of the Personality Types, those who “Get Attention”. This is not a derogatory description in the least, it is a statement of psychological temperament. “Get Attention Types need validation and affirmation more than the “Get It Done”, “Get It Right” and “Get Along” types. Modeling is a place where attention can be lavished on a young woman by photographers, agents, managers, colleagues, fans and friends/family. The problem is that such attention can lead to disillusionment due to the tendency of young models to lack self-esteem, for which their reasons for getting into modeling can be understood, but also manipulated and taken advantage of. With age and experience, models often can learn to deal with the problems inherent in The Industry, but by the time such wisdom has been accrued, it can come at a frightful cost. Navigating the Emotional Landscape of Modeling requires knowledge of the traps and treacheries and then a sense of how best to address the problems.
1)   Competition – Women by their nature are highly competitive when it comes to their faces, figures and fashions. Models are even more so. One of the most egregious wastes of emotional and spiritual energy is to get dragged into needless competition with other models. Whether it is rivaling each other over more dramatic selfies, obnoxious posts on Facebook and Twitter, magazine covers and/or tear sheets or any other way where “what she has is better than me” becomes a way for self-torture and negativity to increase, stealing all happiness and joy from the successes and accomplishments that are gained. Modeling is an up and down world. For a few months, a model can be on top of the world, getting feature after feature.
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