Esports in 2017

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Esports (electronic sports) are gaining growing popularity. They are being widely accepted throughout the world. A lot of people are getting addicted to Esports every year. It is hard for someone to remain unaffected by them. Its business is spreading substantially as well. Every year we see new changes in Esports and the competition gets better and stronger. Esports succeeded to make 2016 a big year prominent for Esports and it is predicted that Esports will be successful to entice yet again new audience into its addiction.
What to Expect in 2017
Looking at the events through which different Esports progressed throughout last year and carefully examining the happenings and occasions that took place in competitive Esports Gaming we can least expect following things to happen in this year. We cannot predict the winners or who is going to lose in the upcoming tournaments but only looking at the biggest scenes and by imagining how they could change in this year.
We can least expect these things to happen in the year of 2017 and following are the events that we can expect to happen this year in Esports Gaming.
Increasing Audience of FGC
The Fighting Game Community (FGC) is growing and growing each and every year because the prize pools and the audience is increasing exponentially. We will never see anything like before this year. Large and considerable population is keeping its eyes on Fighting Game Community (FGC). The prizes are being increased keeping in mind the growing popularity of Fighting Game Community (FGC). For instance Street Fighter’s V’s Capcom Cup allowed a prize pool that was funded by crowd and the award for first position was increased upto $230,000 for American Du “NuckleDu” Dang. So this year’s Street Fighter Pro is definitely going to blow everyone’s mind and it is going to be huge this year.
Super Smash Bros- Melee, it has been luring escalating number of people and their growing attention towards Super Smash Bros- Melee over the past few years and it was indeed an event to watch happening at biggest fighting game tournament in the world. There is a great possibility that Nintendo Switch will have a re-release of Melee on Virtual Console, and this year the GameCube will most definitely receive even greater support and appreciation than in any past year.
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