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Exotic Dancing in The Digital Age

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When we think of exotic dancing, the first thought that automatically comes to mind is strip clubs and strippers. But exotic dancing doesn’t fall into the category of stripping anymore, like most of us believe.
Exotic dancing is one of the oldest forms of dance in the world. In addition to entertaining, it represented sexuality and fertility as well. Exotic dancing began over 20,000 years ago, carried out in temples and was used for sacred purposes. Then slowly, over time, it became an underground practice that was performed by gypsies and other people who didn’t fit into society’s social boundaries. It was a repression of sexuality through dance that made it a taboo and underground practice in Christian societies.
Exotic dancing has often been associated with strip clubs since the late 1960’s and since its history is rather unclear, it has also been associated with yoga, pole dancing in Brazil, and pole dancing in Europe and China.
Although most of us think of strippers when we think of erotic dancing, it’s really a lot more than that. There’s nothing wrong with dancing with expression. It’s sexy and the fitness benefits are astounding.
In the digital age, there are a variety of women who are learning erotic dancing, including doctors, lawyers and students. Erotic dancing is also popular with men. Shy women participate too and it helps them come out of their shell, while feeling safe where they can perform without feeling awkward.

Exhibitionists like to create beautiful routines. There is an entire new aspect of dancing that appeals to our society today, where looking good, while staying fit, are of the utmost importance.
The feminine side of the woman sort of got lost in the shuffle over the years, so finding the erotic creature in themselves needs to come out. Erotic dancing is a spiritual, emotional and erotic journey.
We are born into this world to express and unlock our full potential, which includes seducing out our sexuality from hiding. The next step is to take that sexuality out into the world.
All of our desires and passions live within us and when you begin to express your sensuality, your appearance will begin to change out into the world. By gazing, the way you turn your body, taking dominance, without using a single word and allowing complete body movement, unlocking contractions so that emotions are flowed out freely, you become clear on who you truly are.

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