Females Are the Future

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By Udeh

The world we live in is confusing and dangerous, but it is possible to live in its total safety and fulfillment if you want to. All you have to do is make the right choices. As a female, the earlier you start making these choices, the better your life will be. Whoever you are, you owe it to yourself from this very moment to make the most from your life and the lives of the people around you. No money can compensate you for the damage that could be inflicted on yourself now and in the future each time you willingly spread out your legs for illicit sex. No matter what you think you will gain or how much money is in it for you, little sex is not worth it. As a female, you must realize that you are not an animal who has no choice but to succumb to every emotional or social pressure. You are a female being, and no living thing under heaven is as powerful as you are; you have everything it takes to lead a good life and discipline yourself. You don’t have to continue to jeopardize or endanger your life through harmful sexual activities just because you think you don’t have a choice. The truth is, you have more choices than you think, and the earlier you start expressing and exploring those choices, the better for you because we, the female, have the power to move the unmovable. Below are some areas where our rights matter more:
Equal Pay and Opportunity To All Female Many careers and occupations are now mainly male-dominated. In the health sector, some parts of the careers there are mainly male-dominated. Why? Because they see us, the female ones, as less superior. This is why we must prove to them that we are worth it. This is why we need to go that extra mile like the male counterpart to get it done. We are mainly called the weaker vessels, which is not supposed to be so. Around the world, Females make 77 cents for each dollar acquired by men. Thus, there’s a long period of pay imbalance among people, and more Females are resigning into destitution. Notwithstanding, some notable figures and facts of females are in power worldwide.

Figures And Facts: Women’s Political Participation And Leadership Women In Executive Positions In Government
• As of November 21, 2022, there are 28 countries with 30 female heads of State or Government.
• There are 13 countries with female heads of State and 15 countries with female heads of Government. • Women comprise 21% of government ministers, with 14 countries having 50% or more women in cabinets.
Women In National Legislatures
• Women make up 26% of all national parliamentarians, up from 11% in 1995.
• Five countries have 50% or more ladies in government in single or lower houses: Rwanda (61%), Cuba (53%), Nicaragua (51%), Mexico (50%), and the United Arab Emirates (50%).
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