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Tons of grooves, precise riffs and exquisite melodies make out Fire Department Club’s signature sound.
Like spontaneous combustion, the foursome from Porto Alegre, Brazil, sets everything else you’ve ever heard on fire. Electronic beats and synthesizers, along with rock guitars showcase the band’s fearlessness and unique sound.
Since their beginning in 2011, Fire Department Club has really shaken up the city’s indie scene. FDC’s first EP, Colourise has traveled a long way to Los Angeles to grab the attention of Music Producer Luc Silveira. And together, along with Soma Records, they’ve been working on FDC’s first and much anticipated LP.
FDC’s first single “Merry-Go-Round”, released in over 130 countries, was met with great enthusiasm by fans and landed wonderful reviews from critics throughout country, earning the band a spot in the Top21 best new bands in Brazil.
Now it’s the time for “Love Reconnected” to make its mark. The second single is also FDC’s first Music Video. Inspired by Disney’s Fantasia (1940), the video is generating a lot of buzz.
Find out for yourself what everybody’s talking about.
André Ache: Vocals and Bass
Gabriel Gottardo: Guitars and Synth
Meinel Waldow: Guitars
Gui Schwertner: Drums
Access the “Love Reconnected” music video here:
For more info, please check the band’s website:

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