Five Reasons You Suck at Golfing

by admin

There are probably about five reasons you suck at golfing and here’s a list of those five that will help you get on your way to a better golf game.
1.Your Grip. Your grip is the first place you need to start to get an actual hand at what’s going wrong in your golfing routine. Many people start their grip off in a weak position, resulting in hitting weak shots. The trick in getting the right grip on your club is to treat it as if you were holding a hammer or a baseball bat; your hand should be in more of a fist shape rather than if it were shaking someone’s hand. Your grip shouldn’t be turned too much over toward the left, for a right-handed grip or too much to the right for a left-handed grip. Experiment with the positioning of your hand with short shots until you get a solid, straight, strong shot.
2.Your Swing. Contrary to common belief, while swinging the club, keeping your head down and keeping your eye on the ball is not the best way to swing the ball in reality. In order to pivot and swing correctly, you need to give your body a definite weight shift as you’re swinging. Stabilize your right leg, turn your right shoulder back and match your left shoulder to face a little behind the position of the ball. Your head will rotate a bit, but you’ll still be looking at the golf ball, by keeping your eyes down, without your head remaining stationary. Keeping your head down actually causes the problem since your shoulder gets trapped under your chin and you never finish your backswing. Your swing will go further by allowing your body to swing full to the left instead of sliding or bending your left arm and by giving yourself a definite weight shift. Learn to use your entire body, not only your arms. Remember to keep good posture by leading the body forward from the hip, because the body can only turn around on it’s spinal axes if the back is straight.
3.Aiming to the Right. You may think you’re aiming straight at your target, but there’s a 90% chance that you’re actually aiming to the right. When aiming for your shot, you should have a routine and first thing you should do is aim down your target line. Stand back behind your golf ball and pick out a target line. In order to make sure you’re going to aim the club at the target, you should pick a spot on that target line a few feet away from your ball that will give you a straight line. Then, walk in, focus on that point, and aim your golf club at that point. Position your feet to create a parallel line with your target line. Open shoulders and a short body turn leads to a slice. Try to aim straight at your target point with your shoulders square, then turn your body to lead your arms and hands through the swing, bringing your shoulders back square to the target at impact for a straight shot.
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