Fresh Summer Salads

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Summertime is an excellent time to put on swimwear and head for the beach and soak in the sun and the sand. But summer also means all the best fruits and vegetables are in season, and there’s never a good time as any to load up on some nutritious, refreshing and light food that will keep away the heat and the weight.

Why A Salad Beats A Burger

Salads this summer are a favorite staple on most people’s dining table – and for good reasons. The increased and heightened activities that summer brings – from longer walks in the park to swimming and hiking – also mean increased demand for carbohydrates. But while consuming a McDonalds burger or loading up on a sugar-infused drink are the normal options, a healthier alternative is to eat salads. The slices of chicken breast mixed with the greens and fresh fruits in season provide the body the needed protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates to keep the body going through all these summer activities.

Fresh summer salads are also cheaper overall compared to processed and synthetic food that serve up minimal amount of nutrients. The ingredients one will need for a salad recipe may cost more than a pack of cookies but these ingredients, such as the dressing and toppings can actually be used several times over for multiple recipes.

Lastly, salads are the perfect choice for those wishing to lose weight.  Despite the number of ingredients one can put together in a salad recipe, most salads are relatively easy to digest. The minimal amount of processed fat and sugar in a salad recipe is healthier for those who’d like to eat but don’t want the added weight. Salads make you feel full without that bloated, heavy feeling that you often get after eating a regular meal of rice and meat.

Whip Up The Perfect Salad This Summer

There is a common misconception among many that a salad often equates to a bunch of leaves thrown together in a bowl and topped with a sad-looking sprinkle of salad dressing.

With more vegetables and fruits in season during the summer, summer salads recipes are especially about throwing together everything in a mix of color and flavor. The first rule in preparing summer salads is to make sure that you use the freshest ingredients as possible. Most ingredients of a salad dish are eaten raw or uncooked so a vegetable or fruit that’s nearing its expiry date or been sitting in the fridge for more than a week won’t make a good ingredient. Fresh ingredients offer the best taste and therefore make the salad more palatable.

Also, don’t’ forget the protein. As mentioned, a salad is more than lettuce and romaine leaves combined. Protein completes the nutrient listing that a salad dish offers. A serving of protein helps fight off hunger pangs especially among celiacs and vegetarians. There are many protein options that you can add in your salad: a few slices of chicken breast or pork, a couple strips of bacon, salmon, tuna, hard-boiled eggs, shrimp, or tofu.

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