The future of fitness

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Staying Healthy in the 21st Century
Fitness and health, like every other aspect of our society, have always been evolving and adapting to the current needs of the people. A thousand years ago people didn’t have the notion of performing specific tasks for the sole purpose of strengthening the body and improving one’s health primarily because our ancestor’s daily routine was enough to keep their bodies in tiptop shape. But as we evolved from being hunter-gatherers to leading more sedentary lives, our fitness requirements have evolved as well.
So much has changed in our society that the simple aspects of our daily lives have forever been altered to fit with the current lifestyle of many people. Back then, people jogged around the park and played sports like basketball or touch football in backyards, large fields or gymnasiums to get their exercise but these days, people can enjoy a nice game of tennis even within the confines of their own homes, thanks to gadgets that generate a virtual landscape where people can play games. These days technology has given people the ability to perform their exercises while keeping up with current events and such; how often have you seen a gym filled with treadmill runners who are also watching the TV on their apparatus?
The advancement of technology has indeed caused our concept of health and fitness to evolve as well and here are some of the things that we are sure to encounter in the future of health and fitness:
Smart Phones to Help You with Your Fitness Regimen
Phones of the present no longer serve a singular purpose which is to connect us with other people. Today, our smart phones can do so many things for us that we never thought possible a decade ago. These days, our phones are capable of monitoring our daily calorie intake, sugar intake, and possibly sodium intake. It could also aid us in monitoring our blood pressure and even help us organize an exercise regimen that would efficiently lower our blood pressure or improve our stamina. These smart phones are indeed the wave of the future and there’s no telling how far we can go with these incredible gadgets.
Another advancement of these smart phones that people are already speculating is its ability to diagnose and treat a variety of viral diseases in certain places in the world. Scientists have come up with an innovative way to detect various diseases such as E. coli and hepatitis in third world countries, making it easier for the people in these locations to provide the necessary health care to those who are affected by these ailments.
Genetics in the Future
Some experts have also predicted that understanding our DNA structure with much more efficient gadgets can help doctors and scientists come up with more innovative ways to treat diseases and certain health conditions.
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