Geoengineering: Will Climate Control Save the Planet? By Rod White

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Newspaper headlines and television discussions fill our homes with the alarming news that the earth’s climate is out of control. Modern day prophets preach the message that if something isn’t done fast, humanity faces a bleak future of devastating natural disasters and the collapse of life-sustaining ecosystems.
However, before we run off screaming into the night with arms flailing and eyes bulging in fear, we should take the time to research the truth of the situation in order to make right choices. The reason being is that, just like most topics demanding our attention in the age of mass communication and lightning fast technology, facts are hidden in a mound of fake news and manipulated alarmist manure.
The Gospel of Global Warming
For many years now, both scientific and governmental sources have been heralding the coming of disasters due to manmade carbon emissions. The story goes that as emissions continue and increase, they create a bubble within our atmosphere that traps the heat of the sun, leading to a warming planet. As the earth warms up, ice caps melt leading to rising sea levels, increasing storm power that causes greater destruction, more droughts that lead to crop failure and mass starvation, and other related disasters.

The outcry from a growing number of nations has intensified over the years as observable changes in the weather have occurred. Stronger and more frequent droughts, floods, hail and lightning storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes are effecting an increasing number of people around the world. However, are these changes due to manmade global warming or by natural means?
The answer to this question is important because it will determine how we approach and handle any coming changes in our climate. At this time, the confusion of what is actually controlling our weather is easily identifiable through the numerous growing debates over scientific and historical data versus manipulated or downright false claims being heralded from both organizational and governmental pulpits.
The Drive to Control Climate
The beginning of manmade climate control can be traced back to 1947 when a U.S. Airforce B-17 dropped frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice) into a hurricane approaching Florida. The storm abruptly changed course and slammed into Georgia. Irving Langmuir, a 1932 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, analyzed the data and revealed for the first time that the climate could indeed be controlled (1). His findings led to a number of further experiments and the race to control the weather began in earnest.

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