How to Have a Good New Year and Good Sex

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Sexual intercourse has become an important menu in life.  The benefits of having regular sex cannot only be appreciated in maintaining good relationships. Even health experts recommend having regular sex as part of health routine. Not only does it help you lose weight by burning unwanted calories. But it also boosts your cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

The immune system is strengthened, women’s bladder control improved, blood pressure lowered, and heart attack chances lessened. But sex is not all the time possible to some for a few reasons like stress, having children to take care of, going through sleepless nights, and watching your favourite games.  So, how do you keep your sex life going? Before the year ends, learn some ways on how to start your year right so you can have a good year and good sex with your partner.

1. Increase Libido with Sex.

According to Lauren Streicher M.D., a clinical professor assistant in obstetrics and gynecology department of Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, if you are longing to have a more active sex life, engaging in sexual intercourse frequently will improve your libido and of course, will make sex better. She adds that women who have regular sex improves vaginal lubrication, regulates blood flow, and enhances elasticity. Of course, all these benefits allow you to feel the sexual intercourse better, and which eventually makes you crave for more.


2. Be confident in approaching people.

Relationships, and eventually, having sex are not about men always making the approach. Most men get turned ‘’on’’ with women who are confident about themselves. More often, sex may also be good, if not better when women initiate the first move.

In a survey where women and men were asked what could be the reason why sex is hard on them, most of them answered they never met anyone. But in a world where technology almost makes anything easy, not having met anyone or someone seems strange, if not absurd. The problem, probably, lies with not having the confidence in talking to people. When you approach someone, you do not have to condition your mind that your purpose in having conversations with someone in particular is to sleep with that person, although, in most cases, this might happen depending on how the conversations went.

Whether you are in a club, coffee shop, inside an elevator or magazine stand, make it habit to initiate conversations, short or long. Engaging in quick talks may not only relieve you of tension, or give you an idea about the project you are working on, but also, getting used to conversations with anyone will improve your self-esteem. And a good ounce of self-esteem makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

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