Hottest Sex Secrets Revealed

by admin

Whether you like to play it tough, simulate a porn clip or just do the deed, whenever and wherever, the most important thing is to always try to satisfy your partner. Sex plays an integral role in your relationship, and the more open you are about driving him/her crazy in bed, the sweeter and longer your relationship is likely to last.

Compiled are various sex tricks that will send your partner to the heavens and back. Be ready to give another round or two though as these will keep him/her wanting for more.

  •  Engage in daytime seduction. You really don’t have to wait it is lights off to get the show on the road. Begin the seduction at daytime, when you’re both preparing for work. Whether it’s slowly caressing your man’s hind legs with your feet under the table or dressing (undressing) before him as you change to work clothes, giving your partner these hints will help build up the anticipation for tonight.
  • Phone or text sex each other while you’re apart for the day. In lieu of daytime seduction, send your partner naughty text messages while at work. During lunch, you can discuss these messages over a phone call, highlighting certain topics that may both interest you at the end of the day; say, who’ll take the reins tonight or whose toys you are going to use.
  • Surprise one another in a naughty way. Surprises are not reserved for birthdays and anniversaries alone, they could also be handy when both your libido levels are up! Surprise come in several forms – whether it’s dressing sexy for your man in a red lacy lingerie and stilettos, or bringing some whipped cream into the bedroom for your woman.


  • Drive your partner crazy in bed and anywhere else. The bed is always the go-to venue for couples who wish to express their passion for each other, but, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Try to experiment with other locations, such as the kitchen counter, under the shower, in the bath tub, in that little corner in the laundry room etc. When love making is confined to certain space size, you also get to experiment with certain positions, and that’s always something worth trying.
  •  Wake your partner up with your tongue. No, not just the perfunctory morning kiss, but a passionate blowjob, an hour or two before the alarm is set to ring. For most men, waking up to a blowjob is like having dessert first before the main breakfast. While for women, having their partners working their way down south is like waking up to an energy booster, something that will definitely make their day.
  • Guide each other. Sometimes, couples could get a little clueless as to what’s pleasant and what’s painful, and that could be a real mood breaker. A little demonstration on how you exactly want it to be done could place you in ecstasy instantly.

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