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Cannabis has been found to have an array of therapeutic compounds which have a profound influence on the body and mind. But is it possible that cannabis can improve our sex life? Cannabis is believed to be similarly related to an aphrodisiac, which can be used to gain sexual pleasure.
According to research over the years, cannabis doesn’t impact everyone’s sex life the same way, there are differences. The reason for this is that cannabis has a various number of compounds, giving a different reaction to each person, depending on the type of weed used. However, the majority of people become more aroused after using it, which is especially true for women.
Combined with the right mood at the right time, cannabis can entice you into having more intense sense, due to the sharpened senses and lowered inhibitions. People who have found themselves turned on by cannabis have reported several benefits, such as feelings of uninhibited well-being, enhanced intimacy, feelings of euphoria, increased sensitivity of erogenous zones.
Whether you are lesbian, gay, hetero, bi, or a solo lover, it doesn’t matter. Also, whether cannabis makes you feel horny, tired, sexy, or paranoid, it’s good to keep in mind that the effects are highly personal and there is no norm. Results vary and each individual’s experience can be different for numerous reasons.
Cannabis Helps Overcome Anxiety and Sexual Inhibitions. Sometimes you’re not always focused when you have sex because you’ve got work on your mind, a meeting, a deadline that’s due, or you might even be thinking about your weight when you’re naked.
By using cannabis, you can have fun on your own terms. It lowers sexual inhibitions. Many reasons why many people turn to alcohol when they want to have sex is for this reason. But drinking too much can lead to making wrong decisions which you might end up regretting the following morning. Cannabis gives you the chance to put sexual moves into practice, including great oral sex!
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