How certain models are looked up as goddesses

by admin

A boggling question is grilling up in my wit: What is it like to be a super model? A common notion about them is that they are super human beings who are just perfect and out of this world creature, maybe the best creation under the sky! Little does the outside world have wind about the web of complexities they are shrouded into?
The primary and the foremost reason we look up to them like goddesses is because they are amazingly stunning with attractive physical features. They are highly pressurized to don a flawless demeanor by their own industry. Effort to look extraordinary is tunneled in their heads, and no matter they are in borne and taught to jack up themselves to any extent just for their looks. Citing examples of plastic surgery to fix their abnormalities on face like Botox, lip augmentation, cheek lifting, nose job and body fats reduction are just a few to name.
They are inculcated with certain principles to follow in order to have a bright and accomplished future in this field. These principles are deeply pinned in their wits, pinned just as a nail gets into a fresh concrete wall. They are never anxious and hesitant to go ahead with daily adventures in order to depict an icon of perfection, even if it takes depositing their health to a stake. From their strict diet to the expensive products they absorb, everything is under a constant gaze by their followers or fashion police. So they have no alternate path to track on, except to succumb to this perfect picture which they are expected to flash.
Their actions and thoughts influence the girls next door. They thirst to be like these models, sticking to their styles to enhance their stature and importance in their society. These girls are intelligent blind fool who flunk to fully soak in a thick line between themselves and these models. For instance, in longing to become the reflection of these models, girls would get super skinny and their body mass will fall, creating health issues with these individuals.
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