How to Be the Best Bartender

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So, you’ve just decided that bar tendering could be the career for you or want to up your set of skills and knowledge about this job. That’s good because you don’t just stop at being a good bartender – you can be the best there is. Bar tendering belongs to the hospitality services and you’re not just the person who prepares and serves drinks to customer. You also need to interact, socialize and give guests a good time (of course, within the boundaries of your job) while at the bar. If fact, people may come to your bar to have something to drink, but most of the time, to have someone to talk to while drinking their beverage of choice.
So are you ready to be the best bartender? Here are important tips for you to consider.
● Be hygienic, neat and clean all around. Who wants to drink from an obviously dirty glass? Or who would find their drink appealing if it’s been prepared by a bartender with dirty fingernails? A bartender needs to be presentable, so he must dress well. An all-black ensemble is a popular bartender outfit because black tends to conceal spills better. Sometimes, you can’t just help but spill cranberry juice while mixing, but the least that you can do is to hide the spill so customers won’t notice. It also helps that you look clean with your body. Take a bath, spray a decent amount of perfume, cut your nails and brush your teeth. You know the drill, now you have to execute them.
The bar’s neatness is likewise your responsibility. Remove used glasses, wipe off spills from the counter immediately and keep everything organized. It won’t help serving multiple customers while trying to find out where the lemon juice was.
● Feel your customers if they’d like to talk or not. Your customers aren’t all the same. Some would want to be left alone and wallow in their thoughts, while others would want to talk, forget their problems for a while or they’re just basically chatty. Do not dominate the conversion so you get an accurate idea what they’re in the mood for. For chatty customers, it would also help if you can update yourself with various branches of knowledge so you can have something relevant to throw into the conversation. Some customers like talking about sports, others about politics and current events. It will make you an even interesting bartender if you know how to carry a good conversation.
● Be sincere to your job. The fastest way to lose customers and basically your job is to overcharging your customers and being dishonest. You wouldn’t want your customers to catch you giving them drinks in little amounts than they pay for. At the same time, you wouldn’t want the bar owner to find you overcharging certain customers while giving free drinks to your friends. Business is business, you are being paid for your job so do it honestly.
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