How to Become Sexually Attractive to Women

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Establishing and maintaining sexual attraction towards women can take a lot work – hard work and guesswork wise – for many women can have different opinions of what makes a man attractive. Unlike men who almost always responds to visual stimuli, say for example, an image of a gorgeous woman in sexy clothing; women tend to become way too complicated in what they respond to. Some women may think that bearded and rugged-looking men look attractive, while others believe that men who look well-kept and neat can hold more attraction.
To break through the barriers and mysteries of the methods of sexual attraction towards women, here’s a list of tips that you can follow.
●Be Physically Pleasing and Attractive
The first area that you may need to into if you have trouble establishing sexual attraction towards women is your physical attributes. Look into the mirror and decide if the beard stays or not. Perhaps you need a new haircut. You might believe that you are already good-looking as it is. But try getting the honest opinion of some of your friends and maybe that will enlighten you about how you can further improve physically.
Next, consider how you smell. According to the study conducted by David Buss Ph.D., and Cindy Meston Ph.D. of the University of Texas in Austin, women give a man’s smell a huge consideration because they believe that “olfactory signals provide a woman with a wealth of information about a man’s health, hygiene, and even his genetic makeup.” Therefore, a man with bad breath and body odor automatically loses points in the sexual attraction game. The tip here is to be fresh-smelling it’s as if you have just stepped out of the shower. Invest in good-smelling cologne (but make sure that the smell is not overpowering). Consider also using fabric conditioner on your clothes to help keep that fresh aura, smell-wise.
Now that we’ve talked about hair and smell, the next thing to consider is your overall physique. Meston and Buss implores that women find men with good physical characteristics sexually attractive, saying that “Sexually, women are attracted to men with masculine features, although not too masculine.” Women in general find men with huge and wide chest quite irresistible. Men who project athleticism through their body built are better at attraction than those who do not.
●Connecting with the Ladies Through Language
Yes, you may be able to speak to and understand women through English, but the language of attraction is more than that.
First, you need to have a good sense of humor. Some women may appreciate some cheesy bantering, as laughing at your jokes signifies they are comfortable being with you, but you should also remember that your language needs to be sincere too. Many women can detect insincerity just by the tone of your voice or your word choice.
If it goes down to conversational seduction, trudge lightly or your initial sexual attraction could fizzle to zero.
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