How to Fix The Music Industry

by admin

Almost everyone that you’ll meet today loves music. We have reached a point where we can listen to songs with just a few tap or swipe. Everything is so accessible right now that you won’t have any problem listening to newly released albums without spending a dime. This means that you can easily relax and be updated. There’s the internet, your smartphone, smartphone apps, platforms like YouTube, and other gadgets that allow us to enjoy music wherever we go. And who doesn’t want that? Listening to songs help us have a better day.
We all know the various benefits of music today. But not everyone is aware of the problem that has been haunting the music industry for years now. If you’re someone who loves music, musical artists, and everything that comes with this industry, you should know the things that are breaking it down. After reading this article, you’ll feel even more determined to help those who are working in this industry.

The Problem
For most of us, the innovation brought about by internet and gadgets that we have now means an easier life. But for the music industry, it’s probably one of the things that make their problems bigger.
It all started back in 1999 when Napster was introduced to the world. This is the very first Peer-to-Peer platform that shook the music industry. Napster allowed anyone to share digital audio files to their friends, and basically everyone from different parts of the world. Everything changed after this. For the first time, people were having access to almost every song that they want to listen to for free!

While getting free songs makes some people feel great, copyright infringement couldn’t be avoided. When Napster was invented, 20 million people were using the software and spreading songs.
What some people might not understand is that these songs that were being shared through Napster is the craft of those artists, producers, record labels, DJ’s and other music professionals. These people make money through their craft. It’s easy to overlook this fact now that music sharing platforms are popular.
When we see an artist, all we think about sometimes is how good their voices are, how nice their hair or costume is, and how rich they must be. But we often forget that just like us, they are trying to make a living. They might not be working a desk job like us, but they are working hard, spending sleepless nights trying to compose their music. They face harsh criticisms for their work, and they are also struggling to please everyone. Imagine just how bad they might have felt when Napster became such a hit, and they started earning less because their products or songs can now be downloaded for free. This decreased the sales of those that are working in the music industry.

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