How to Have a Holiday Feast

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With Christmas and New Year being just a couple of days away, we can’t help but feel and smell the holidays in the air. The lights are twinkling, Christmas songs are blaring and there’s just an over-all vibe of merry-making wherever you look.
But the holidays can be a struggle too. Some activities might have gone old for the family or you might be running of ideas to put up a festive Christmas table. Your concerns are legitimate and they’re probably the same issues you face year after year.
But this doesn’t have to be the case this year. With a few more resources, creativity and openness to new ideas, you can make this season a truly festive one.
Plan Ahead.
Planning makes half of the work done. Planning ahead gives you significant head-start so that the holidays go about seamlessly and without the ridiculous stress. The holidays can be exciting, but they too can get demanding. Without a plan, holiday preparations can easily get to your nerves and make it miserable for you, instead of making it fun.
Begin with planning your Christmas shopping and holiday decors. Last-minute Christmas shopping will make it more expensive for you because you tend to buy on impulse. Plan the gifts you want to give so they don’t come off as generic and seem not really thought of. The last thing you want on Christmas Day is to see dismay of your family upon un-wrapping their gifts. Make the season festive for them by giving them meaningful presents.
As for decors, planning also allows you to achieve a more cohesive look for your home. Will you be donning your tree with reds and metallic, or are you going for a white Christmas look? There’s a kind of fulfillment of seeing that your house has been decorated merrily for the season. To make the experience even more worthwhile, enlist the help of family for this affair. The boys could cut down a tree and bring it inside while the girls could make decors, wreathes and other ornaments. Oh, don’t forget to play Christmas songs and prepare hot chocolate to truly bask in the season’s spirit.
Make a List and Check it Twice
With all the things you need to take care of, it’s easy to mix one up with another. Just like Santa, make a list and check it twice. You don’t want to forget getting a gift for someone dear. Mixing up gifts can also be a disaster. List down the people whom you intend to give gifts to and their corresponding presents so it’s easier to pick one up. Ship gifts in advance to family and friends who are living far from you. You’d want them to receive their presents on or before Christmas day.
It is also inevitable that you will spend money this season. Keep a budget and stick to it. It is also a good idea to have saved for the holidays a few months back so you don’t rack up your credit cards and face a handful of debts when the New Year comes in.
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