How to have the best New Year ever

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It’s hard to find someone who would not have wanted to be successful and happy. We study, improve ourselves; try to find new hobbies and sources of inspiration to be even more interesting in the eyes of others.
The fact that 2016 has come provides you with a great opportunity to start a new life this year. We – humans – tend to get motivated by the idea to start a whole new life from ‘Monday’, ‘next month’, ‘next summer’ or ‘next year’. But now that 2016 has come, it’s time to make the difference this time. No excuses. Just take into account the following tips and make the change in your life.
If you want to impress someone who is nice to you, or get close to the right person, be original and do not use hackneyed speech patterns and behavior. Give special flavor to your gestures, voice tone and other manifestations, to make sure that you won’t be forgotten.
Do not correct others
If you want to make an impression on someone, and as a result have influence on this someone, you need to listen to what this someone says without correcting him. It does not matter, whether a person is right or not, your job is to give people an understanding that you are interested.
Make others well-disposed towards you
This is very important when people think positively about you. Try to smile more, smile opens many doors – it’s true. Cheerful and helpful people are always the soul of the company, everyone likes them, they have positive energy flow concentrated around them and the good luck, like a magnet, pursues them.
Take another direction
Sometimes we get tired of the fuss, and problems make us fall into melancholy or depression. This is because we often pay much attention to those things, people and events that really are not important for us. Admit to what extent you are satisfied with your life, be honest above all with yourself. Once you understand what you really want and sincerely wish – start acting and changing something in your life.
Change your surroundings
This is a practical advice that literally implies changes in the life, your habits, ways of thinking and behavior, circle of friends, and attitude to life. Even rearranging furniture in your room, changing the wallpaper or curtains can totally swing your mood and adjust to a new wave of thinking.
Reward yourself for every step toward the goal
A myriad of initiatives sour at an early stage, because it is the most complicated stage that doesn’t usually give visible results. To prevent this again, resort to cunning: award yourself in advance for the most trifling work in the right direction. You stopped eating after 07.00 p.m.? Treat yourself to a tiny chocolate bar for every day you manage to hold out and eat it in the morning.
Learn the discipline: if you browse Facebook an hour less than usual – watch a series of “Game of Thrones” and only then get to work. These tricks will consolidate in the brain the positive feelings associated with your efforts, and further the things will go faster.
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