How to Increase your Sexual IQ

by admin

Knowledge is the secret ingredient in almost any field. And that’s because if you know more than others you’re surely seen as better, richer, sexier, more attractive and so on. And the same goes for knowing more in bed, which not only makes you more appreciated by your partner, but also gives you a notable degree of self-confidence, a self-esteem that only knowledge has the ability to create for an individual.
Sexual IQ is the thing that sets us apart from other partners of our type. For example, a woman has a set degree of classifying sex partners almost all the time, by their physical traits: old, young, fat, slim, short, tall and so on. And there are men who feel a bit frustrated by this classification chart, in that the physical traits are there for you to live forever with and not be able to do almost anything about. But it’s the sex IQ that brings an extra in this equation, and that is also able to make the physical traits fade in front of the knowledge and tricks that a man can do for and with his partner. So basically, from the men’s perspective, sex IQ is the detail that makes a difference when it comes to women identifying and classifying their sexual partners and their performances.
There is a very clever saying that we love even if it sounds subjective like you-know-how: women love smart men more than men love smart women. Well, this may be true and may be tested in real life, but it sure isn’t applying in sex life at the same extent. So the sex IQ both applies to men and to women at the same extent. And sometimes even more, considering the artful attitude and style of many women who are real “scientists” when it comes to sex. From the ability to turn a man on in an instant, to the teasing, caressing, moaning and dirty talking, such savvy women are able to lead a man to climax without him even realizing it until the end, being blindfold with pleasure and excitation. This is basically what happens from the perspective of the woman sexual IQ.
Now, if you’re aspiring to be a smart partner like the ones described above, you may be wondering, what is it with this IQ and where you can cultivate it and include it in your repertoire? Yes, as plastic as it may sound, including it in your repertoire is needed because, as in any other life field, it is common knowledge that the most experienced of us are the most likely to find what they’re looking for in terms of romance and love life…. And eventually are the most likely to be happy. Ok, let’s say you agree with me on that, but now you could ask me one thing: where to find resources to reach the performance of being a guru in bed?
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