How to Make the Best Grilled Steaks

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It’s Sunday. You decide to call over your friends for a BBQ party, but you’re not really sure how to make the best grilled steaks, like the ones you get at a fancy restaurant and makes you travel to heaven! Here it is! How to make the best grilled steak, everything from seasoning to how thick it’s supposed to be and what cooking technique will guarantee you the best result.
Let’s start with the simple stuff. Going to the butcher, you see so many different kinds of meat and different parts of meat from the same animal. So, how do you know which part would make the best grilled steak? For a tender steak, the right meat part is anything from the ribs, loins and the back of the steer. More specifically: rib eyes, porterhouses, strip steaks, T-bones, chateaubriand and of course, filet mignon. These parts, are the most expensive ones you can find, but you know what they say: the best ingredients make the best meals!
Next we have to cover the thickness of the steak. First of all ask your butcher to cut your steaks in a way that they are identical in the matter of thickness. Now the ideal thickness for a perfect grilled steak would be 1 ½” thick or even 2”, but unfortunately most grocery stores sell thinner steaks. So you’ll have to ask your butcher to cut the steak you choose, that thick. The steaks should weight around ¾ pound per adult, for steaks with bone and ½ pound for boneless steaks. Make sure you buy a little bit more just in case and don’t worry if they get left over, because then you can use them to make the best sandwich with grilled steak, for next day’s lunch.
Do not use a marinara sauce! This is very important if you want to achieve a great steak. You might think that if you do marinate the steak, then it will become tastier, but that’s not true. The taste of a marinara sauce will cover up the beautiful taste of a steak, they don’t tenderize the meat enough to be worth it and they don’t penetrate very far unlike the salt that melts and penetrates into the meat. But most importantly, marinara prevents crust formation which is a must. So as far as seasoning goes, salt and pepper will do more than enough, but make sure you season both sides and let the salt and pepper sink in for at least an hour and a half in the fridge.
Start getting your grill ready. Once the grill is on, push the coals to the one side (for gas grills, you just have to turn off all the burners except one or two). Using a thermometer, try to get the part of the grill without the coals to 225°F, this is your indirect heat zone. Place the meat on the indirect zone and add wood, but don’t forget to leave the lit down.
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