How to Reach Simultaneous Orgasm?

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First of all, let’s figure out what is simultaneous orgasm, what does it bring to both partners, what are the benefits and drawbacks of simultaneous orgasms, and finally and more importantly: how do you reach simultaneous orgasm?
Simultaneous orgasms are mostly considered to be the peak of a sex intercourse between a man and a woman. But is it THAT great that you have to aspire to achieving it? And what is sex for that matter? Is it the most superior expression of love and care for your loved one or is it a sport with a slogan ‘Faster, more synchronized, stronger?’
Let’s begin with the pleasant aspect of it. For some couples, the feeling of simultaneous orgasm is much stronger than the ‘individual’ one, as during woman’s orgasms, contraction of uterus and vaginal muscles can enhance man’s orgasm. Man’s orgasm, for its part, can enhance the woman’s pleasure during orgasm due to the fact that man’s penis becomes harder and more active.
Reaching simultaneous orgasm, many couples tend to have not only the physical pleasure but also the psychological one – the feeling of unity in complete harmony, the connection at the highest peak of love. That is how it’s usually described in love novels and romantic movies about love. For some people, simultaneous orgasm gives a satisfaction of other kind – the feeling that he, or she, is a master in sex, who has reached high heights by doing it like that – together, strong and loud.
At this point, let’s move on to listing the drawbacks and dangers of aspiring to reaching orgasm simultaneously. First of all, most of the cons lie in the psychological aspect.
The aspiration to reaching simultaneous orgasm may lead to forming unjustifiably exaggerated expectations toward your partner. For example, if a man becomes good at ‘synchronizing’ his orgasms to his partner’s orgasms, the only one time that it doesn’t happen will be perceived as a tragedy for both the man and the woman. Yes, the woman feels the ‘tragedy’ too: not only has she failed to achieve orgasm, but also she feels bad for the partner who tried so hard…
The psychology of men and women work in the way that when they can give maximum pleasure to the partner, it boosts their confidence and the way they think of themselves. That is exactly the reason why the ‘race’ for simultaneous orgasm may become the source of development of a wide variety of complexes in both partners.
And finally, for many people it is far more important to observe the partner’s orgasm and experience the psychological satisfaction as a result of the observation. During simultaneous orgasms, however, is it pretty much impossible to get this kind of satisfaction as two partners are immersed into their own experiences.
If two partners desire and aspire to reach simultaneous orgasm, they should keep in mind the following aspects.
First of all, anatomical capabilities of the man are important as well as his ability to hold ejaculation until the moment of his woman’s orgasm. As a man becomes more experienced, he is able to estimate the approximate time of his partner’s orgasm and practice to go easy up to this moment, while incorporating the quickest methods to warm his partner up and make her reach this state.
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