How Travel Has Evolved

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The travel world has taken a massive turn over the years. During the years of evolution of travel, some things appeared quickly and then disappeared. But many others have lasted until our current time, 2020.
The tourism industries have evolved rapidly! We are not only talking about the means of transport to other countries. We also speak from disposable cameras, ways to search for flights and destinations, prices. Furthermore, the why and the way we travel have wholly changed too. Travel has become different from the Grand Tour, speaking from the Enlightenment era to Space Tourism (the Digital Age).
Purpose of travel
People usually follow current trends! Even traveling lovers follow them. Before, most travelers had different purposes. These people traveled through Europe for long periods. Sometimes they lasted up to years traveling and reaching their destination, only to gain status and experience on these trips.
Now, everything has totally changed. Nowadays, modern travelers tend to do it just for fun, leisure in fantastic places, spending in luxury resorts, getting to know the most visited beach in a specific country, taking cruises, among many other fun activities.
The primary purpose of these trips is the opportunity to enjoy the luxury you do not tend to experience in your life. Instead, the people who early traveled did so because they had a life full of riches and pleasures.
Travel: A more accessible opportunity nowadays
The question is: how did it become easy to travel? The most appropriate and correct answer is thanks to the Industrial Revolution. After this Revolution, middle-class tourists had the opportunity to start visiting different places as part of leisure at a totally affordable price.
In Britain, in the 1758s, tourism began to take off. This was due to the creation of the first travel agency called Cox and Kings. This company had a considerable enhancement in its years and continues to be a boom in this modern era.
Now, the travelers depend on travel agencies; they have depended and will continue to depend. The impact this industry generated in people’s lives is so high that, although they have gone through epidemics, recessions, and many other problems, companies in this area are fully recovering.

Green on airlines and cruises
A significant change in the travel industry is green. Airline companies in 2018 contributed almost one-tenth of total greenhouse gases. The boom took place thanks to transport-related emissions. However, ships, cars, and trains played an essential role in this significant change. In recent years, strategies have been developed to launch green initiatives to help the environment. Many examples can be mentioned, such as United Airlines. This airline contributed to a significant reduction in its carbon emissions. Besides, it has developed a commitment plan to cut them in half by the year 2050.
Another clear example is cruise ships. They are developing plans to improve the health of the ocean. They are committing to increase the ship’s energy efficiency and decrease waste management.

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