I have the Secret to Your Success!

by admin

We live in a world where new and trendy diet and exercise techniques seem to hit the market weekly. When the latest “secret to success” has been released, flocks of anxious yet hopeful individuals fall victim to what is likely a quick, and temporary fix. Magazines, newspapers, TV ads, and social media flood the feeds with the newest trick, the fastest solution, and the best kept secret only for celebrity’s eyes. Unfortunately, in this billion dollar industry, these ads continue to produce profits daily, as many people will try almost anything to reach their ideal body type. Marketers and promotors understand how to prey on insecurities and give hope to those looking for help. Using these tactics allows them to continually introduce new “techniques” without any repercussions.
I began to see a trend first with the people closest to me. One is on a new diet, while the other has started a new and guaranteed strength training program. After years of attempts at weight loss, muscle building, and overall, confidence gain, they both had enough and wanted to “do it right” this time. So, each stuck religiously to their new plan, never skewing from the rules and standing firm in their belief that this time it will work. Knowing them both for many years, I could see the determination was unwavering, but the inner struggle to not cave to temptation was stronger. Deep down, they were both suffering. When I voiced my opinion about a different way, neither one wanted to hear it. I was shut down before I could explain further.
It was then that I started to notice similar stories with the everyday people around me. Clients buying a new diet book, coworkers trying a new DVD, the woman in line behind me at the counter hoping her new waist –trainer would slim up her midsection come vacation. It is now everywhere and I feel helpless in the fight against the fad diets.
However, I refuse to go without a fight.
Fad diets and workouts do not work. They are considered a fad for a reason. They are simply placed out in the universe to make money. However, people flock to these diets because they promise quick results with little to no effort. People choose to ignore that the best, and very best, way to ensure you reach your goals is diet and exercise.
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