It’s a Matter of Perception

by admin

It is often that I hear someone praise a particular restaurant’s food as being superb, and in a related conversation some time later, another person say something like “I have no idea what that guy is talking about. I thought our meal tonight was terrible”. A person will look at a morning sky, ablaze with reds and oranges and be filled with the wonder of nature’s artistry, while another person will find their heart clouded with the foreboding of the old saw “red sky at morning, sailor take warning”. Some people see glasses that are half full, while others see glasses on their way to being empty. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There are endless wise sayings to explain the reality of how very different any given viewpoint is to each and every person. So it goes with the very nature of human perception of the world around them.
One of the most unique, fantastic and problematic qualities of humanity is its complicated psychology which dictates how we interact with the world around us. As a result, people see actions and hear language through the distinctive filter of how their brain is constructed added to the layers of experience that cause their mind to evolve and change. One person might find joy at the sound of fireworks being set off while those same sounds can cause painfully intense anguish in another person. The soft sound of wind in autumn leaves might be soothing to one person and leave another with the vaguely unsettled emotion of loss. The very nature of individualism as part of the core of our species makes a disparate grasp of what occurs in day to day life inescapable and the likelihood of dissension in such interpretations very probable. But it is a pair of distinctly human characteristics that can help us surmount the challenges of a psychological Tower of Babel.
Humankind is the one class of animal on Earth that has the method of communication that we do. Other species in the Animal Kingdom can communicate, but not with WORDS. Our language is word-based, each expression having a distinct meaning, many words having multiple meanings and the arrangement of syntax can convey a wide variety of messages, most of which come with powerful emotional connotations.
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