Love to Live Longer

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Do you live to love or love to live? As weird as this question may seem, this is one of the most interesting questions that caught the attention of scientists since the beginning of modern times. The reason for that is in fact the theory according to which love is considered by many as a vital type of nurture, just like food or water for the body. Although it may come in many forms and natures, love is the engine of a huge amount of energy that fuels our lives every day. It’s like a sort of invisible fuel standing at the basis of acts, intentions and general state of mind. Now let’s see a bit of how love can improve parts of life and even existence in general.
It has been proven scientifically that love generates happiness. And in a simple analysis, happy is healthy, since the body generates happiness hormones that are able to offer a state of good through endorphins. Now, since happiness is the aim of human kind by excellence, there have been numerous studies conducted in order to search for the factors that are able to produce happiness in our existence.
If we think about it, we many times wonder for the reason why we are here, and more often for the reason that we are meant to interact with one another. Interaction is considered by many experts as one of the engines that are able to produce happiness, and it’s quite obvious why this is a fact. Irrespective of the fact that you may be an introvert or an extrovert, in general lonely individuals tend to live unhappier than the ones who surround themselves with loved ones, like friends and family. In fact, introversion is quite wrong understood in this scenery, in that it started to be somewhat promoted amongst the new generation of millennials, through the heavy inclusion of technology in our daily life and through attracting attention towards a lonely way of living. Actually, this situation is strongly related to the possibility or impossibility of loving, and hence of being happy.
There are more and more psychologists who started to worry about this situation and who started thinking of new ways to use the modern tools, like social media, to change the tendency of “lonelyfication” a bit. And their solutions have reached a certain degree of efficiency in that the young generation is more and more attracted to these cute gimmicks. These are represented by meetup events, concerts, discussion groups that encourage the personal encounter rather than just electronic interaction and so on. And the same experts who participated in the organization of these events have found that people are really getting happier out of meeting one another in person, out of discussing to each other in reality and out of hearing a human voice respond to their questions, comfort them for their hardships or just narrating random facts to them. The human mind is an extraordinary tool helping us interact, however the heart comes into play on this occasion and pours the sugar on interaction by preferring this to be in person, rather than from a distance.
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