Making the Most Money in 2015

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The economy continues to chug along clumsily throwing an axe to conventional job opportunities and felling individual finances. However, opportunities for making extra money do exist, they simply require looking at business from a different perspective or taking the step out of the conceived comfort zone in order to cash in and live a more prosperous life.
Following are a variety of money-making ideas to suit practically every personality planning on prospering in 2015.
Small Business Ideas
Rent Friendship and Caresses – Society is becoming increasingly alienated from face-to-face contact which is creating some huge deficits that can be filled by savvy entrepreneurs. If you are a friendly type, you can open a Friendship Rental business for attending various activities and social events with clients, or meets with them to offer a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. A 29-year old Portland, Oregon woman, Samantha Hess, opened a professional Cuddle Store called Cuddle Up To Me the beginning of 2014 and received 1,000 customers her first week. At $60 per hour, that ain’t bad! Sam first meets her clients in a public location to lay down the rules of her solely platonic business. To make everyone comfortable, she often uses a private room for her snuggle sessions that is adjacent to a waiting room where concerned family and friends can mill about.
Get ‘em In Shape! – Poor diets and a lack of exercise can wreak havoc on a person’s health and energy. Many people are ‘seeing the light’ of eating healthier and exercising, but simply do not know where to start. As a Personal Trainer, you can guide these wayward souls towards better health and brighter lives via nutritional diets and exercise programs.
Cater to the Ravenous Hordes – One thing that rivals a love of cars in America is a ferocious fondness for food. If you love to cook and delight in designing delicious delicacies then the appetite dilemma can be easily quenched via a bountiful business in Catering. Overhead can be reduced and profits maximized by starting out in your home and, if business blossoms, you can move into a professional shop with more kitchen and storage space.
Keep ‘em Computing – Are you a computer mastermind able to navigate the inner magic of the beast’s hardware and software components like a wily wizard? If so, you might prosper at a Computer Repair and Troubleshooting service. Computers are now used by a majority of businesses and individuals, all of whom become mental maniacs when their machines malfunction. Offer your services and save the day. You might even want to wear a cape.
Become a Word Sculptor – That’s a fancy wancy way of saying Writer, but you really do need to possess the power of producing ideas through the written word. If you can express ideas clearly, concisely and colorfully then you can milk the cash cow through writing stories, articles, term papers and any number of other needs that require this special skill. Take a gander at me!
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