Managing a Studio Shoot

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“All the Intangibles in a Nutshell”
By Rick Trottier – RJT Images/Light Works Studio

Resource management is one of the most important skills anyone can learn during the journey of life and when it comes to photography, managing all the resources that come into play during a shoot is one of the things that can set professionals and hobbyists apart. Whether you own, rent, trade time for a studio or only shoot in the most commando-like settings, effectively juggling the components during a “studio shoot” can be part of what makes or breaks the experience for both photographer and model. Understanding that a successful shoot of any type needs careful management of time, energy, materials, concepts/content and personalities is what makes the difference between a rank amateur and a seasoned expert. Proper handling of all the aspects of a shoot will differentiate you from your colleagues as your reputation for professionalism precedes you. Like the Rock of Gibraltar, the professional photographer should be as steady and responsible in the control of his universe as is humanly possible.

Achieving a consistent grasp of resource management starts with finding a proper balance between the need for structure and maintaining a degree of spontaneity in your methodology. Planning and structure are absolutely essential to professionalism. The hobbyist “wings it” in most or all of what he does. The professional prepares wisely, puts thought into what comes before, during and afterwards and reflects on what went right and what didn’t and then makes the appropriate course corrections. Nonetheless, overly adhering to the talisman of structure can lead to a stultifying approach in how you conduct your shoots. This may sound oxymoronic, but “planning in” some opportunities for spontaneous lighting schemes, background options and even posing strategy will keep any studio experience from becoming stale. In the end though, all photographers must make the choice between trading a “devil-may-care” attitude for a mantra that embraces a mix of business-like aplomb, artistic integrity, personal affability and a healthy respect for the needs of your clients who must come first if your photography business is to thrive.
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