Millennials and Sex in 2021

by admin

Are Millennials best at sex? That’s a difficult question to answer when we’re finding out that more and more millennials are having less sex than the two previous generations.
There are some studies and theories going on that show one of the reasons for this is that they aren’t developed in the usual relationship skills during adolescents. They don’t date, they don’t form relationships and they don’t break up relationships. They don’t really know how to form relationships.
The internet and social media are partially to blame for these underdeveloped relationships because it’s easier to simply connect. There is a form of “distance,” as opposed of in the old days where people would just make a phone call and meet up or show up on your doorstep.

There is some cause for concern. Young males are frightened of approaching anyone because of the way their approach to a girl might get interpreted wrong or misunderstood. They don’t want to be “violating” their boundaries. So, there’s a lot of people just hanging out in groups with a little bit of hooking up here and there, but not really having relationships.
These millennials are more likely to form friendships when they’re attracted to somebody. So, if a young guy is hanging out with you, he’s probably on to you, but is afraid to make a move because he doesn’t want to pressure you. In his mind, all he needs to do is to dedicate some time before he thinks that things will progress.
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