Mind-Blowing Sex Tips for Couples

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When you’ve come to learn the essence of sex to your life and relationship, you also begin to consider to stay on top, pun intended, of you performance so you and your partner gets the best sex every time. Whether you’re in a decade old relationship with your spouse or aims to show off your prowess to your new date once dinner is over, powerful orgasms and mind-blowing sex will always create and leave an impact. So we’ve gathered together the best sex tips for couples to try and explore in their sexcapades.

  • Patient foreplay. Great sex is not timed or should be treated like a chase. It should be luxurious and free-flowing, so you need to pack a lot of patience with you when you get into the bedroom. Of course, there will always be this carnal desire to enter or be entered, but don’t do it immediately. Sensual foreplay takes time, sometimes even longer than your pumping moves, so it should be enjoyed and worth delving into. Don’t rush penetration – you’ll soon get into that. Great foreplay should allow you to explore every inch of your lover’s body with touches, licks and whispers. Take advantage of foreplay to let your lover feel he or she is sexy and desirable.
  • Worship your lover’s body. The trick here is to know which part or parts of your lover’s body makes her tick. People are different, so some women may be more sensitive around the nape and the sides while some men may like their nipples or ear lobes aroused. Once you get to know your lover’s erogenous zones, devote a generous amount of time there before heading down south for the much-awaited union. Keep your partner on the brink and enthralled so he or she will find the “meeting” a much exciting prospect.
  • Try new moves. If you’ve been doing the missionary style alone for so many years now, your partner may silently be craving for newer, more exciting moves? Have you read of the scissors position? Have you tried doing it with your lady sitting on your lap while riding your penis? And have you even considered doing it standing up or laying down on your stomach? You’ll soon find out that some moves are better when it comes to hitting the G-spot while others create mounting arousal for your man. Let your creativity take over as you explore new sexual positions that could work for you and your partner. Alternatively, you can read books like the Kama Sutra or watch videos for better visual demonstration
  • Try other places. This is a classic advice but one that shouldn’t be ignored. True, the bedroom provides you with ample privacy so you can jump and pump without the fear of being seen, but other areas around the house could be conducive for a great sex too! The living room while watching TV, the laundry room while your wife washes your clothes, the kitchen while your man cooks some breakfast and even the bathroom could be great places to try!

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